M. Sonebi (Coordinator)

S. Taylor

P. Deegan

L. Ferrara

A. Pattarini


This project is aimed at the development of sustainable, low carbon, pre-cast concrete infrastructure. Academics Partners from UK and Italy collaborating with a leading pre-cast concrete manufacturer, Banagher Precast Concrete in Ireland and specialists in leading-edge technologies and products for the construction industry, Azichem in Italy.

  • Developing significantly lower energy, durable concrete products.
  • Maximising the inclusion of waste products.
  • Using corrosion resistant reinforcement which is stronger, lighter and has a lower carbon footprint than steel reinforcement.


Duration:   2013-2017
Budget:   1,085,443 €
Funded by the European Union
(FP7-PEOPLE-2012-IAPP - Marie Curie Action: "Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways")

project website: http://eirocrete.com