History of the Marine Research Group since the 1970’s



First Turbine to be developed at QUB was the Wells Turbine in 1976 by Professor Alan Arthur Wells.


In 1985 the Wells Turbine was used to improve the design of wave powered navigation aids using the Oscillating Water Column Principle.


In 1990 QUB design and build a 75kW shore line Oscillating Water Column wave power plant at  Islay in Scotland developed by Professor Trevor Whittaker.





QUB open their second Oscillating Water Column Power Plant in 2001 at Islay.

The LIMPET machine has a capacity of 500 kW with a single 2.6 m diameter Wells turbine.







In 2005 Aquamarine Power was formed to advance the Oscillating Wave Surge Converter concept developed by Professor Trevor Whittaker. 

Together they deployed and tested two full scale Oyster machines at EMEC in Orkney.