Wave energy


Prof Trevor Whittaker
Dr Matt Folley
Dr Paul Lamont-Kane
Dr Louise O’Boyle





The development of wave energy has been a major focus of the Marine Research Group at QUB since the 1970’s.  The Group have been responsible for the research behind 7 different prototype wave power devices, which have been successfully tested at sea.  This commercially focussed research continues to this day.  The MRG operate two wave tank facilities for small scale modelling of all aspects of Wave Energy Converter technology development from concept development, device optimisation, load evaluation and array interaction.  Our physical modelling capabilities are complemented with numerical modelling techniques such as computational fluid dynamics.


See the links below for more information on our current research.


WEC Concept Development

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Extreme Loading on Wave Energy Converters

Hydrodynamic Interactions of WEC Arrays

Fatigue Assessment of Wave Energy Converters