Hydrodynamic Interactions of WEC Arrays


Prof. Trevor Whittaker
Dr. Matt Folley
Dr. Paul Lamont-Kane
Dr. Louise O’Boyle
Mrs. Rachael McKee




In order to achieve commercial viability Wave Energy Converters (WECs) will need to be placed in large arrays. When devices are placed in close proximity to one another hydrodynamic interactions may exist between nearby devices. These interactions may interfere with power production either positively or negatively depending on a wide range of environmental, setup and control variables. In addition the environmental impacts due to such large scale infrastructure should be quantified.

Here at QUB, part of our ongoing research is focused on assessing the impacts of hydrodynamic array interactions alongside the development of tools and methods for completing these experiments. Investigations have been completed both physically and numerically.  Physical testing is completed using our two in-house wave tanks designed for maximisation of spatial and temporal wave homogeneity.

Numerical modelling techniques employed include frequency domain modelling, time domain modelling, Computational Fluid Dynamics to a small extent for very specific tasks as well as the spectral domain modelling technique developed at QUB.



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