WEC Concept Development


Prof Trevor Whittaker








QUB’s Marine Research Group, working alongside companies such as Aquamarine Power, employ a combination of experimental tank testing, numerical methods and field expertise to improve the understanding of WEC technology.

Research undertaken by the group focusses on the optimisation of power take-off systems, resource assessment, control strategies, shape optimisation, load assessment, deployment methods and array studies.

We have been involved in concept design, development and optimisation for various classes of wave energy converters (WECs) including OWCs such as the LIMPET power plant and more recently Oscillating Wave Surge Converters.  Research carried out at QUB lead to the development of the Oyster wave energy device, and in 2005 the company Aquamarine Power was formed to further develop the concept.  Aquamarine Power designed built and operated two full scale prototypes Oyster1 (2009) and Oyster800 (2011) at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney.

Utilising this knowledge we are now working on development of the next generation WECs.