Members of the Centre for Evidence and Social Innovation have been successful in attracting £1.28 million in new research grants to Queen’s since June 2016.


The new grants will support continued research by the Centre into a wide range of pressing social problems from depression and substance misuse through to educational programmes for children in disadvantaged areas, family support services and children and young people’s social attitudes.

 The range of funders demonstrate the ongoing engagement of researchers within the Centre with a wide range of key stakeholders and includes: the Arts and Humanities Research Council, the Education Endowment Foundation, Public Health Agency, National Institute for Health Research and the Northern Ireland Executive Office.

 Speaking of the new awards, Centre Director Professor Paul Connolly said: “We are absolutely delighted with these new awards. They reflect the considerable efforts of researchers within the Centre. Whilst they cover a wide range of topics, they all share a strong commitment to generating and using robust evidence to help us better understand and develop innovative solutions to key social problems.”

 Details of the new awards are provided below. For further information please contact the relevant Principal Investigator (PI).

List of Research Grants Awarded

'Psychological interventions for depression in adults bereaved through life limiting conditions: A Cochrane Systematic Review'
HSC R&D Office
Dr Audrey Roulston (PI), Prof. Mike Clarke, Prof. Michael Donnelly, Dr Jenny McCaughey, Dr Briget Candy (Marie Curie/UCL), Orla Keegan (Irish Hospice Foundation)

‘Renal Arts Group’
British Kidney Patient Association and ESRC (Festival of Science)
Dr Helen Noble (PI), William Johnston

‘Efficacy Trial of the Fisher Family Trust’s Reciprocal Reading Programme in England’
Education Endowment Foundation
Dr Andy Biggart (PI)

‘Between Metaphysics and Psychology’
£249,000 to Queen’s (total grant £483,000))
Arts and Humanities Research Council
Prof. Cristoph Hoerl (Warwick University) (PI), Prof. Teresa McCormack(QUB Lead)

‘Variation and Determinants of Novel Psychoactive Substance (NPS) Use: Potential Implications for Policy and Practice – Perspective from Prison’
National Institute for Health Research
Dr Kathryn Higgins (PI)

‘Randomised Controlled Trial Evaluation of the Peeple Learning Together Programme’
Education Endowment Foundation
Dr Sarah Miller (PI), Dr Laura Dunne

‘2016 Young Life and Times and Kids Life and Times Surveys’
Executive Office, Department of Education, Sport NI and British Council
Dr Dirk Shubotz (PI), Dr Katrina Lloyd

‘Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Early Intervention Support Service in Northern Ireland’
HSC R&D Office and Atlantic Philanthropies
Dr Karen Winter (PI), Prof. Paul Connolly

‘Northern Ireland Cerebral Palsy Register’
HSC R&D Office
Dr Oliver Perra (PI)

‘Prevention and Early Intervention Initiative: Archiving Data’
Children’s Research Network of Ireland and Northern Ireland
Dr Liam O'Hare (PI), Prof. Paul Connolly, Dr Sarah Miller, Dr Laura Dunne, Dr Andy Biggart, Dr Oliver Perra, Prof. Carol McGuinness

‘Educational Interventions to Improve Attainment for Children in Care: A Cochrane Systematic Review’
Public Health Agency
Dr Jennifer Roberts (PI), Dr Sarah Miller, Dr Karen Winter


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