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Sustainable Cities and Communities: Round-up (June 2020)

The Sustainable Cities and Communities strand is currently involved in a number of funded projects and grant applications. Here is a digest of current activity which reflects the diversity and range of collaborative work within this theme.

  • CESI SCC strand has recently received funding from the Swedish Research Council, which looks at the economics of violence in post-war cities. The empirical work is centred on Beirut (Lebanon), Belfast (Northern Ireland), Mitrovica (Kosovo) and Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire) and has an emphasis on transferring best practice and developing implications for international policy in managing conflict transitions.
  • We will be hosting Dr Ivan Gusic from the University of Lund (Sweden) in 2021 to work on cities coming out of conflict and how transitional processes impact on the places most affected by poverty and violence.
  • Led by Dr Ruth Hunter at the Centre for Public Health, CESI staff will be involved in a project funded by the Medical Research Council that explores healthy transport alternatives by designing and delivering more sustainable walking, cycling and public transport strategies.
  • SHIP is a new project funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to evaluate the performance and future of ports and their economic and community networks.  Our involvement in marine planning has been extended by a new grant funded by the Norwegian Research Council on Facilitating Integrated and Responsive Coastal Governance (FAIR) which is an inter-disciplinary project involving planners, engineers and sociologists on how best to manage complex coastal environments.
  • Researchers at CESI continue to develop our links with the Republic of Ireland through a new all-island research network on the social and cooperative economy, SERNI. You can contact SERNI via the website to join this growing group of academics and practitioners.


For further details on Sustainable Cities and Communities projects, please click here.