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What works to include Men in Sexual and Reproductive Health (October 2020)

Professor Maria Lohan and Team Publish Systematic Reviews on Male Sexual and Reproductive Health

CESI Fellow Professor Maria Lohan is working as a consultant to the World Health Organization (WHO) Human Reproduction Programme.

Last year, she and team (Dr Avni Amin, Mr Rahat Khoshla, Dr Esther Reid, Dr Fiona Lynn, Dr Eimear Ruane-McAteer & Dr Jennifer Hanratty) published a systematic review of reviews relating to involving men, alongside women, in sexual and reproductive health. This included an evidence and gap map of systematic reviews.

Maria and team (Dr Eimear Ruane-McAteer, Dr Kathryn Gillespie, Dr Avni Amin, Dr Áine Aventin, Dr Martin Robinson, Dr Jennifer Hanratty, and Dr Rajat Khoshla) have now undertaken and recently published a systematic review of intervention studies, in order to further guide the WHO agenda for research and programming with boys/men to improve sexual and reproductive health and rights for all.