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Postgraduate Research

Postgraduate Research

The table below provides details of current and recently completed CESI-funded PhD research projects, along with information on interdisplinary academic supervision.


Name of Student PhD Research Theme or PhD Thesis Title Principal Supervisor Secondary Supervisor(s) 
Jayne Hamilton Are they still ‘Too young to notice?’: An exploration of social identity using participatory research methods with young children from conflicted societies in Northern Ireland and Lower & Middle Income Countries Professor Sarah Miller Dr Laura Dunne
Clare Howie Preventing Psychosis in Young People: A Secondary Level School-Based Study Dr Ciaran Mulholland Professor Gavin Davidson
Ewan MacRae
An investigation of teacher knowledge of and engagement with educational evidence
Dr Liam O'Hare Dr Karen Kerr (2nd); Dr Laura Dunne (3rd) 
Shauna McElroy
A Study Examining the Maintenance of Complicated Grief with a Special Focus on Complicated Grief arising from Civil Conflict: A Cognitive Perspective
Dr Michael Duffy Dr Ciaran Mulholland
Ruth Neill
The development and feasibility of a co-produced mental health and well-being intervention for adolescents in the Northern Ireland post-primary setting
Dr Katrina Lloyd Dr Paul Best
Cadhla O'Sullivan 

Early childhood education in Palestine: A qualitative stakeholder analysis on the rights of the child

Dr Laura Dunne  Professor Sarah Miller 
Sarah Patterson
Development, Optimisation and Feasibility of a Home and School Positive Behaviour Management Programme in Northern Irish Pre-School Settings
Professor Sarah Miller Dr Fiona Lynn
Conneth Poland
A feasibility study of a school-based music and social and emotional learning programme for children aged 4-5
Dr Liam O'Hare Professor Sarah Miller (2nd); Dr Jennifer Roberts (3rd)
Colette Ramsay How can learning from Serious Adverse Incident reviews contribute to reducing deaths by suicide of people in the care of Mental Health Services Dr Karen Galway Professor Gavin Davidson
Hannah Russell
Attachment-Focused Interventions for Care Experienced Children in Primary Schools: A Design and Implementation Study of ‘The Attach Project’
Professor Karen Winter Dr Liam O'Hare
Eilise Sweeney Children and Young People’s Aspirations and Vision for the Future: A Transformative Approach details to follow details to follow
Megan Ward
Teaching Controversial Issues in Conflict-Affected Societies: Teachers' Pedagogical Perspectives and Practice
Lesley Emerson Dr Catherine Storey
Deborah Webster
An exploration of the online and offline social networks of post primary school pupils in Northern Ireland and how this impacts their subjective wellbeing
Dr Laura Dunne Dr Ruth Hunter
Abigail Wells
Maintaining Connection, Becoming Connected: an exploration of the lived experience of refugee children in Northern Ireland
Lesley Emerson Professor Karen Winter