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The art and science of 'Conversations' with children and young people in Shankill

The CESI Innovation Zones team recently co-hosted an event with the Shankill Children and Young People’s Zone to present the background to, and the process of, Conversations with children and young people in the Shankill. Four speakers presented:


1.     Professor Paul Connolly, Director of CESI, provided an overview of the wider Innovation Zones work, one of QUB's social charter signature projects.

2.     Next, a background to the Shankill community and the history of the 'Conversations' work was provided by Jackie Redpath, Chief Executive of the Greater Shankill Partnership and Chair of the area’s “Agreed Agenda Group” which is leading on the Shankill Children & Young People Zone.

3.     Dr Liam O'Hare, Innovation Zones lead at QUB, presented the Conversations logic model, analysis approach and development of an Outcomes Framework for the community based on the data (see slides here). 

4.     Finally, SarahJane Waite of the Shankill Children and Young People Zone presented on the 'art' of Pathfinder Conversations with children and young people, including the Pathfinder guide co-developed by the Shankill and CESI teams (see slides here).

A four-page summary of the Conversations process was produced for attendees at the event, which you can read here: Conversations Overview