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Collective Impact

Across both communities, we encourage sustainable and committed partnerships, sharing expertise and resource between the university and the community. 

Below are some of the ways in which we are working together:

  • Building community leaders’/ members’ capacity in the use of evidence to inform their community development agendas.
  • Providing CESI’s expertise out in the community, for example, Zones staff sit on expert advisory groups and project steering groups in both communities.
  • Bringing the community expertise into CESI, for example, community partners are recognised visiting research associates/ research fellows of CESI.
  • Working together in real and meaningful partnerships, for example, by co-producing community development initiatives, collaborating on research funding proposals and academic outputs.
  • Exploring Networks on place-based development (local, national and international)

We are currently working together on two core programmes of work, namely the Crescendo project and the Conversations project.