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Currently, there is one key community-based participatory research intervention project that spans both the Colin and Shankill communities, that is, the ‘Crescendo’ project.  ‘Crescendo’ is inspired by ‘El Sistema’, a music education programme that boasts a range of benefits for the children involved and their wider communities.  Currently, the Innovation Zones team are working with the community leaders from the Colin and Shankill communities, as well as representatives from the Ulster Orchestra, on the development, implementation and evaluation of ‘Crescendo’, which is currently being delivered in four primary schools, two from each Innovation Zone.

An in-depth PhD study, conducted by Mr Conneth Poland and supervised by Dr Liam O'Hare and Dr Sarah Miller, is underway. The aim of this PhD research is to explore the theories of intervention and change that facilitate the pathways for three of Crescendo’s anticipated outcomes, i.e., musicality, self-regulation and a community outcome (parental engagement and community perception).

To learn more about Crescendo, please contact Dr Leeanne O'Hara, to learn more about the PhD study, please contact Mr Conneth Poland.