Evidence and Social Innovation Course Development

Evidence and Social Innovation Course Development

CESI Innovation Zones, in partnership with Shankill and Colin communities, are developing an Evidence and Social Innovation Course.

The course is aimed at building the capacity of community sector professionals on the use of evidence and social innovation.

The course is co-designed with Shankill and Colin to ensure feasibility of the course as well as to enhance buy-in and relevance and create a shared ownership of the process.

• The co-design of this course involves:

Step 1: Consultation across both communities on course design and content involving community professionals – two away days in each Community.

Step 2: Course delivery in Colin and Shankill involving relevant community practitioner - 20 x pilot sessions will be delivered across both communities. Feedback received and course adaptations made accordingly. Wider input from CESI academics will help shape this, and the adaptions will be returned to development groups to finalise.

Step 3: Upscaling - The course will be delivered in wider communities.

Step 1 of this process has been conducted through two away day sessions with communities:

• The course development away days used an Appreciative Enquiry methodology, which is a philosophy for encouraging change that focuses on the positives and the opportunities, as opposed to the problem (deficit model).

• There are four phases to this process which were split across two days:

– Discovery (appreciate what is/ inquire into what works)

– Dream (imagine how good it could be)

– Design (agree how good it should be)

– Destiny (create/ commit to what will be)