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Who We Are

Who We Are

Over the last five years CESI, through its Innovation Zones, has invested in the development of two long-term and sustained partnerships locally in West Belfast in the Shankill and Colin communities

Greater Shankill Children and Young People Zone

'The Greater Shankill Children & Young People Zone is a framework within which the lives of this generation of children and young people will be transformed. Its 20-year vision sees every child in Greater Shankill realising their potential and shaping their future.'

Shankill Zone website
Colin Neighbourhood Partnership

'Colin will be an area with a vibrant centre, where people are happy to live, work, play and study and proud to say they are from. It will be a community empowered to participate and make a difference, where local achievements are celebrated and visitors are welcomed.'

Colin Zone website
CESI Team and Visiting Fellows

The CESI Innovation Zones Team works in partnership with Visiting Fellows from both Zones.

List of Innovation Zones people