Centre hosting SPSSI UK - Mitchell Institute Event on Shared Space

In collaboration with SPSSI UK and the George J. Mitchell Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice, Centre members Professor Rhiannon Turner, Dr Laura Taylor, Karolina Urbanska are hosting a one day event for academics, policy makers, and practitioners on how Shared Space can be used to promote intergroup reconciliation and respect. Speakers include Professor Joanne Hughes (Education, QUB), Professor John Dixon (Open University), Dr Lindsey Cameron (University of Kent), Tina Keil (University of Exeter), Anne Glick (One Globe Kids), Dympna McGlade (NICRC) and Stephen McCabe (Research and Enterprise, QUB), and experts from a range of academic disciplines, government bodies, charities, and community organisations are expected to be in attendance. The ultimate goal of the event is to produce a policy briefing regarding how academics, practitioners and policy makers can best promote respect and reconciliation thorgh shared space. The event will take place on Friday 2nd December from 9-6pm in the Senate Room, Lanyon Building, QUB.

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