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Social Interaction Lab

Our daily interactions with other people and groups are guided by various social signals including speech, body movements, facial expressions, and nonverbal vocalisations . The Social Interaction Lab analyses these signals and behaviours in both controlled environments and non-controlled social settings. Helped by the latest technologies we investigate empathy, gossip, laughter, facial expressions, interactions between groups, and human factors in cybersecurity. In the social interaction lab we not only focus on understanding the dynamics of social interactions, but also develop new statistical and experimental techniques for their study.

A man is wearing a VR headset and hand controls
Our equipment

The Social Interaction Lab (SIL) works with visual and auditive stimulation of emotion incorporating popular and cutting edge technologies


The SIL currently operates with the following equipment:

Microsoft Kinect

Oculus Rift headsets

VIVE Pro Eye Tracking

NAO Humanoid Robot

Motu M4 Audio

AKG professional headworn microphones

SSI (Social Signal Interpretation) synchronizing software

Video- and audio-editing software including Final Cut Pro

Three person sit in a table with a 360-video camera recorder at the centre         Three person talking around a computer station with two screen monitors

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Our projects

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A group meeting with 7 people in a small lobby