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The Argyll catchment covers mainland Argyll (Linnhe, Lorn, Loch Fyne, Kintyre and the Kyles of Bute) and the islands of Mull, Islay, Jura and Arran. Argyll & the Islands host a diverse range of freshwater habitats and a mixture of native and introduced fish fauna. There are over a hundred rivers supporting migratory fish populations such as Atlantic salmon or sea trout and over a thousand lochs in the region, most of which support simple communities of native species, such as brown trout and eels.

Native fish species utilise a range of diverse habitats throughout the catchment ranging from mountain streams and major rivers to coastal waters and the wider ocean. However, there are many factors that could negatively affect freshwater and local marine species and habitats, which include climate change, fisheries, aquaculture, predation, urban development, airborne pollutants and the introduction of non-native species, diseases and parasites.

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