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Tweed Forum is the umbrella organisation dedicated to integrated management of the Tweed and its tributaries. In recent years it has earned a reputation as an exemplar of the partnership approach to managing land and water in a holistic and strategic way. It has built up a track record for delivering action on the ground, as well as promoting the way partners can work together in an efficient, innovative and cost effective way.

Tweed Forum was established in 1991 to:

Promote the wise and sustainable use of the Tweed through holistic and integrated management and planning

The Forum's guiding strategic document is the Tweed Catchment Management Plan (TCMP), a complex and ambitious document that synthesises our members' aspirations with regards to the river into one cohesive vision and plan of action. The aim of this plan is:

To conserve, enhance and, where appropriate, restore the total river environment through effective land and resources planning across the Tweed catchment

The targets and actions fall under 7 main headings

  • water quality
  • water resources
  • riverworks
  • habitats and species
  • flood management
  • delivery in partnership

Tweed Forum achieves the above by working at both the policy level (influencing legislation and working practices) and project level (delivery of physical outputs on the ground).


Area of operation

Tweed Forum's work is focused on the Tweed catchment, which largely follows the Scottish Borders Council region. This covers an area of over 3000 square miles with just under 20% of the catchment lying in North Northumberland. The fact that the Tweed is a cross border river is one of the main drivers for the Forum - to ensure that two differing legal, fiscal and administrative systems meet effectively in the middle to achieve an integrated approach.

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