Principal Aims and Objectives of the Network

To develop a research strategy aimed at identifying environmental, social and new technological interventions that promote healthy cognitive ageing and independence in later life.


1.    To create a multidisciplinary, cross-sector interest hub with a common goal of promoting and maintaining lifelong health and wellbeing with particular reference to cognitive health and cognitive ageing;
2.    To develop research capacity and capability by establishing a multidisciplinary research strategy and by increasing cross-fertilisation within the network members and further afield to maximise benefit of multidisciplinary perspectives and skill relating to cognitive ageing;
3.    To acknowledge the contribution of various factors relevant to cognitive ageing (medical, social, psychological, environmental, and educational) to lifelong cognitive health and wellbeing and to assess how they can be more accurately measured, addressed and shared;
4.    To prepare a position document outlining current knowledge gaps in cognitive health and cognitive ageing;
5.    To develop an original proposal eligible for consideration for Phase 3 call of LLH/Wellbeing.