The aim of the COGWORKS Network is to reflect the multi-factorial nature of the determinants of health, in the development of a strategy that will maximise research capacity to identify new strategies that are effective in the promotion of cognitive health and well being.

COGWORKS will focus on four research themes: maximising capacity to benefit across the life span; the impact of caring and disability on cognitive and related areas of mental health; the influence of the built environment on cognitive decline and wellbeing and the provision of new cognitive technologies that support and monitor middle aged and older adults. By highlighting the economic and social gains of healthy cognitive ageing and exploiting embedded technologies, the emergent research strategy will be highly relevant to policy and practice.

COGWORKS is committed to partnership working across disciplines, with policy makers, practitioners and with representatives of civil society, including traditionally excluded groups such as people with learning disability; people with dementia and carers. The Network reflects the focus on long term health and wellbeing and includes people with interests across the life course from pregnancy to old age. The focus on the broad determinants means that the Network will also act as a catalyst to bring together an exceptional mix of people from various institutions and disciplines including built environment, education, law, medicine, occupational therapy, psychology, public health, healthcare technologies, computing and sociology. These people are currently working on ageing related issues ranging from education in childhood to assistive technology and dementia.

COGWORKS will maximise research capacity to develop effective interventions, responsive policy and service delivery, the ultimate beneficiaries are older people.

A list of the published documents will be posted later on this page...