The research team:

Bowes, Alison  - University of Stirling

Burton, Elizabeth - University of Warwick

Craig, David - Queen’s University Belfast

Dillenburger, Karola - Queen’s University Belfast

Dunne, Laura - Queen’s University Belfast

Hadjri, Karim -  Queen’s University Belfast

Keenan, Michael - University of Ulster

Lynch, Una - Queen's University Belfast

Macdonald, Geraldine - Queen’s University Belfast

Nikopoulou-Smyrni, Panagiota -  Brunel University

Nugent, Chris - University of Ulster

Research Assistant:

Montgomery, David -


Maxwell, Sandra -

Strategic partnerships and user engagement in the Network:

Mr Bill Carson -  Age Sector Platform

Ms Lisa Glennon - School of Law, Queen’s University Belfast

Mr Andrew Hamilton - Deputy Secretary

Professor Ned Helms - New Hampshire Institute for Health Policy and Practice

Professor Jeff Kaye - Oregon Health and Sciences University

Dr Judith Torrington - University of Sheffield

Mrs Maria McManus - Dementia Services Development Centre

Dr Meave Rea - Queen’s University Belfast

Professor Carmel Hughes - Queen’s University Belfast

Dr Moira Stewart - Queen’s University Belfast

Steering Committee:

Dame Joan Harbison, Older People's Advocate

Ms Joan Devlin, Director, Belfast Healthy Cities

Ms Mary Hinds, Director, Nursing and Allied Health Professionals, Public Health Agency NI

Dr Liz Simpson, Lecturer in Psychology, University of Ulster

Mr Tony Steed, Equality Manager, Northern Ireland Housing Executive

Ms Patricia Lewsley, Northern Ireland Commissioner for Children and Young People

Mr Michael Lynch, Men's Forum Ireland

Mr Arthur Canning, CEO, Trinity Housing

Dr Karola Dillenburger, Queen's University Belfast

Dr Karim Hadjri, Queen's University Belfast