Our Mission

This research group brings together world-class academics and researchers with a breadth of research interests and research expertise. The group is diverse and dynamic and ranges from research students in the process of their PhDs, junior staff and internationally recognised scholars.

The uniting interest of the Group lies in the analysis of public policy as a response to social problems.

There are four key themes to our research;

  1. Critical analysis of the welfare state and social policy
  2. Analysis of the tenure of employment and unemployment and their regulation
  3. Risk behaviours, substance misuse, crime, and conflict as issues for public policy
  4. Sociology of health and illness, suicide and age

 All research conducted by this group shares a number of common principles. These include a commitment  to:

  • using evidence to impact on policy
  • developing qualitative and quantitative approaches to research questions
  • utilising theoretical and applied approaches to social problems
  • considering social issues at both a macro and micro level.

Gender, class and equality analysis underpins each research theme.

Research group members have a well-established track record of publishing their research in leading journals.

Research is funded by the EU, Research Councils, Charitable Foundations, Government and other sources.