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Call For Papers


Constellations, Configurations, Communities

“Stars are made of flaming gas, but constellations are made of stories.”
- Rebecca Solnit, Storming The Gates of Paradise: Landscapes for Politics, p 164.

While boundaries and borders are recurrent tropes in translation studies and the humanities,
and very real entities in a world that is witnessing a growing shift towards protectionism in
international politics, there is also an equally strong trope of connection that draws on the
work of thinkers from across the academic spectrum, from the humanities to the natural,
chemical and physical sciences. Rhizomes, meshworks, path-making, wayfaring, networks,
trajectories, complexity, relation, process, change, symbiosis and ecology are some of the key
and powerful concepts being explored to explain, account for and re-imagine the
interconnectedness of, and communications between humans, other-than-humans, organic
matter, inorganic matter, place and materiality. Translation and translators are integral to
these communications and interconnections.
Thus, the theme of the conference is intended to invite reflection, investigation and
discussion of ways in which translation and translators, interpreting and interpreters
constitute, create and contribute to various and diverse constellations, configurations and
communities. We welcome papers on any topic related to translation that addresses this
theme in some way.

Abstracts of no more than 300 words in English or Irish are now invited from scholars and
practitioners of translation/interpreting working in, and/or with an interest in, the island of
Ireland. Your abstract should be sent to by 30 April 2020. Please note
registration is free for this event.


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TSNI 2nd CfP