Seminar Series

Please find below our seminar series from Spring Semester 2014

Upcoming seminars for Autumn Semester 2014 will be posted in due course.

Wed 5th February 2014

Dr Aine Aventin, QUB

The challenges to introducing computer game based interventions for maltreated adolescents in residential care

Wed 12th February 2014

Prof. Chris Whelan, QUB, UCD

Who Feels Inferior? A Test of the Status-Anxiety Hypothesis

Wed 19th February 2014

Prof. Peter Conrad, Brandeis University

A Social Autopsy of the "Obesity Epidemic”

Wed 26th February 2014

Dr Sirin Sung, QUB

Gender and Welfare state in East Asia: Women in transition

Wed 5th March 2014

Prof. John Pinkerton, QUB

How useful a concept is Social Capital? A question prompted by thinking about youth transitions

Wed 12th March 2014

Dr Nicola Carr and Dr Siobhan McAllister, QUB

Moving On: Young People’s Transitions from Custody

Wed 19th March 2014

Dr Cheryl Lawther, QUB

Truth, Denial and Transition: Northern Ireland and the Contested Past

Wed 26th March 2014

Prof. Robbie Gilligan, Trinity College Dublin and Dr Laura Arnau Sabates, Autonomous University of Barcelona

Young Adult Care Leavers in the World of Work

Thursday 3rdApril 2014 (Venue: 02/006, David Bates Building)

Dr. Mark McCann, Dr. Aideen Maguire, Dr. John Moriarty & Dr. Dermot O’Reilly

The Grief Study: Using Administrative Data to Understand the Mental Health Impact of Bereavement

Wed 30th April 2014

Dr. Kevin Lalor, Dublin Institute of Technology

Child Transactional Sex in Eastern DR Congo

Wed 7th May 2014

Dr. Colin Harper, QUB

Policy development, mental disorder and legal drafting: the Northern Ireland Mental Capacity Bill

Wed 14th May 2013

Dr. Mairead Seymour, Dublin Institute of Technology

Promoting compliance among young offenders on community-based orders: The dynamics of the supervisory relationship

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