A future in Research

Postdoctoral Development

The WWIEM Postdoctoral Development Committee (PDC) was established in July 2016 with the goal of improving postdoctoral training and development within WWIEM. This is a postdoc-focused initiative and committee members include Postdocs and Principal Investigators from WWIEM. The Committee identified six strategic focus areas for the first year of activities. Each area is led by a sub-committee who organise monthly events for WWIEM postdocs.

Dr Donna Small

WWIEM Postdoctoral Research Fellow

"There are many challenges in moving from a PhD to postdoctoral research: learning to be more assertive and confident with your ideas and understanding the transition towards independence. WWIEM has a postdoctoral committee which can help with these challenges, supporting new and current postdocs, especially with career development and progression."

Dr Jose Romero

WWIEM Postdoctoral Research Fellow

"I was awarded an Early Career Investigator Award from Fight for Sight, allowing me to initiate my independent investigation in the field of retinal neurodegeneration and mitochondrial-targeted based therapies. For this exciting achievement not only the training but mentorship at WWIEM was crucial"