The Fitzgerald Group

The Fitzgerald lab is a NeuroImmunology research group at QUB with a particular focus on Multiple Sclerosis (MS), an immune-mediated, demyelinating disorder of the Central Nervous System (CNS).  The central goal of our research is to identify new strategies to treat MS and other inflammatory and demyelinating conditions.

We are particularly interested in the process of myelin repair (remyelination) and aim to identify novel therapeutic targets to promote remyelination in MS. This regenerative medicine research programme is supported by a range of collaborators internationally. We also conduct a research programme on the pathogenesis of autoimmune inflammation. This programme mainly focuses on T cell biology with a view to identifying strategies to reduce disease activity in MS and other immune-mediated diseases.

Our hard-working team consists of members from both Neuroscience and Immunology who work together to study neuro-immune cellular communication and interaction. We hope to gain new insights into the influence of the immune system and inflammation on demyelination and remyelination in the CNS.


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