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Online seminar and Q&A by artist Sabine Vogel

September 30, 2020
13:00 - 14:00

Sabine Vogel

In this lecture Sabine Vogel is talking about her creative practice tuning in to create work as an improviser in and in relation to the natural environment. Further she will introduce her project Recorded Landscapes, which is a series of audio-visual compositions dealing with ideas of homeland, nature and identity. So far she visited the homelands of different musicians and they shared specific places in nature with her (so far: Marta Zapparoli (I), Biliana Voutchkova (BUL) and Bennett Hogg (UK) ). In these places they spend time together, shared memories and stories, improvised together. Vogel collected audio and video material from which she created these compositions.

In this project the individual biography of the invited musicians became the starting point of the compositions as it is directly geographically embedded. The result are very different audio-visual compositions, in which the role of the place is a crucial element. The place is another co-player and composer of each piece.

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Sabine Vogel: flautist, composer/performer, environmental sound artist

As a flute player Sabine Vogel focuses on sound and improvisation, using extended techniques, both acoustic as well as electronic, creating a very personal contemporary language for the flute. Also, she creates site specific work in the natural environment as well as concert installations and performances relating to her work outside in the fields. This work often relates to sound, place, time, moment and memory.

Projects and concerts lead her around Europe, America and Australia.

Her current projects are: Kopfüberwelle, a duo for flute and church organ with Australian pianist/organist Chris Abrahams, hatifnatten, a duo with singer and voice artist Ute Wassermann, Ornis, an audio-visual duo with British artist Kathy Hinde, Landscape Quartet, an environmental soundart project with Bennett Hogg, Matt Sansom and Stefan Österjö. She is a member of the Splitter Orchester, a 24 piece improvising orchestra, based in Berlin.

 Photo Credit: © photomusix, Cristina Marx

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