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Seminar - Vanissa Law: an unconscious path into interdisciplinarity

In this seminar, Vanissa will talk about her previous works in sound design and interactive performances, and her experience in composing for laptop orchestra and interests in using speech and text as composition materials.

September 28, 2022
Sonic Lab, Sonic Arts Research Centre
13:00 - 14:00

Vanissa Law is a composer and curator who is passionate in interdisciplinary art practices. Her wide-ranging artistic output covers the traditional acoustic compositions for instruments and voice, experimental interactive electroacoustic works to creative multimedia theatre collaborations.

She is the co-curator of The Missing Link, a publicly funded two-year project comprising a series of arts technology exhibitions, immersive performance, and open lectures on the use of technology in arts in modern times.

Her interest is in the use of gestures in electroacoustic music, in particular everyday gestures used by musicians and non-musicians alike, which Law manages to incorporate in some of her works by translating gestures into sound and images. Her creative outputs and researches are within the fields of interdisciplinary practices, music, sound art, and community engagement in art.

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