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SARC Researchers awarded first prize for research excellence by Society for Artistic Research

Congratulations to Dr Matilde Meireles and Dr Diogo Alvim for being awarded first prize for research excellence by the Society for Artistic Research

Matilde and Diogo’s Trigger Place – A Game of Sound and Architecture won first Prize for Excellent RC Exposition 2017 at the Society for Artistic Research’s General Assembly in Plymouth on 13 April 2018.  They jury related to the chosen exposition as being an example of innovative and experimental formats of publication and making visible qualities of artistic research artefacts in an original manner.

More closely the prize committee commented upon the exposition in the following manner:

Trigger Place is a very convincing, attractive and playful exposition that oversteps dimensions. The exposition presents an artistic undertaking that addresses the context of an existing building, a sports hall, as well as a past musical performance by Alvin Lucier and creates an ambitious and original new cross-artistic performance piece on their basis, enriching both of them. The exposition is based on a complex but clear grid that is informed by themes involved in the performance: the line, architectonics and sound. This it does in a manner that the performance seems to continue and gain further layers in the exposition. All in all, the Research Catalogue is used attractively. The visual elements (the line) are strong, audio is used effectively. The constellations of materials – either along a line, side-by-side or in a two-dimensional “network” – allows for complex relationship to become intelligible. The choice of the line is a strong connector – lines are used in the squash court, they have been applied during the performance and they are extended into the space of RC. Very clever and effective! The exposition is an artistic entity in its own right.