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Research Project
Translating Improvisation

Translating Improvisation brings together researchers across the disciplines of Anthropology, Architecture, Dance, Drama, Law, Modern Languages, Music, Psychology, Social Policy, Social Work and Translation. Our interdisciplinary research group was formed out of recognition that improvisation is primarily a tacit practice within many professional fields outside of the performing arts, regularly used but largely unacknowledged, with few opportunities for appropriate training or critical reflection. Furthermore, we assert that the diverse models of improvised practice found in music, drama and dance can be useful in better understanding improvisation in other domains. This process of exchanging practical knowledge between disciplines is necessarily two-way in that each area of practice must change in order to apprehend the other, thus offering the possibility of cross-disciplinary ethical and social transformation.

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Research Impact
Street Society: Innovative and Imaginative Approaches to Activate Specific Sites in Belfast.

BSc Music Technology and Sonic Arts Students contributed to a one-week environmental design and creative event by creating sound installations with an aim to invite audiences to discover hidden, unexpected and surprising aspects of sound in specific spaces in Belfast.

Sonic Arts Research Centre
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