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Joint PhD in the cognitive science of religion (General Information)

A Doctoral programme in the cognitive the science of religion has been established by Aarhus University (Graduate School of Arts/Religion, Cognition and Culture Research Unit--see and Queen’s University, Belfast (School of History and Anthropology/Institute of Cognition and Culture).

Students should apply for admission via one of the two Universities, and will be considered in line with their normal Postgraduate Admission Procedures. The normal duration of the Doctoral programme is full time for three years. In general, admitted students will spend the first six months and the last six months of their doctoral studies at the University where they are admitted. The intervening 24 months are spent according to a PhD plan established for each individual student. In completion, the student receives a single degree certificate issued by Aarhus University and Queen’s University.

Each University agreed to provide two studentships to support the programme (Queen’s University is providing two DEL studentships). One studentship shall be available each year—Queen’s University will allocate funding in the academic years 2014-15 and 2016-17, while Aarhus University will allocate funding in academic years 2015-16 and 2017-18. Students who wish to compete for a fellowship will be required to apply to the University responsible for offering the support in the related year.

Joint PhD in the cognitive science of religion  (2017-2018 studentship at Aarhus)

The Graduate School at Arts, Faculty of Arts, Aarhus University, in collaboration with Queen’s University Belfast, invites applications for a joint fully-funded 3-year PhD fellowship in Cognitive Science of Religion starting on 1 September 2017. The candidate who is awarded the fellowship must commence his/her PhD degree programme on 1 September 2017.


If you require professional guidance regarding your application for a PhD fellowship please contact the head of the PhD programme Anthropology, International Areas Studies and Study of Religion

Applications for the PhD fellowship and enrolment in the PhD degree programme can only be submitted via Aarhus University’s web-based facility.

Guidelines for the application facility:

For further information, please contact Professor Armin W. Geertz, Department of the Study of Religion, School of Culture and Society,, Phone + 45 87 16 24 73.

Cognitive Science of Religion

The Cognitive Science of Religion is a unique approach to religion as it involves a combination of methodologies drawn from the humanities and social sciences together with the psychological and medical sciences. This approach has led to new hypotheses and theories that have been found useful in the broader fields of comparative religion, the anthropology of religion, sociology of religion, psychology of religion and theology. The approach is also making an impact in related fields that are interested in religion, such as archaeology, art history, semiotics, literature and various area studies.

The Cognitive Science of Religion is a fast-growing field in which the two institutions have played a key role. It has been a fundamental component of the Institute of Cognition and Culture in Belfast and a major area of attraction to students there. At the Religion, Cognition and Culture Research Unit (RCC) in Aarhus, it is the centre of focus, and has attracted students at advanced levels in Denmark and from abroad.

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