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Information on all examination matters is available from the Examinations office at Queen's University.



1. How to obtain your examination timetable 

You are responsible for downloading your personal examination timetable from the Queen’s Online website using the password and username given to you at enrolment.  If there are any amendments to be made to your module details, please contact the Institute of Theology Office immediately.  If you have lost your username or password, please contact the University's Examination Office, usually in person; you must bring your student card with you.

2. Conceptual Equivalents Scale with Descriptors

Tutors within the Colleges use a scale known as the conceptual equivalents scale when marking assignments and examination scripts.  It encourages them to use the full range of marks available to them, and to provide guidance on the relationship between mark and performance.  It also ensures that the same criteria is being used throughout the University to assess students’ performance. 

3. Return of Examination Results

Generally, most students will pass their modules at the first attempt.  However, in some circumstances a student can fail a module by, for example, not submitting or failing compulsory coursework, or by failing in the examination element.  Students who have failed a module will receive a formal letter from the Director outlining the options available to ensure the module can be passed.

Absence from examinations or failure to submit assignments due to illness or emergency

1. Failure on medical grounds to meet coursework assignment deadlines or absence for medical reasons from any examination or class test counting towards a module mark must be covered by a medical certificate signed by a registered medical practitioner.

2. Students are responsible for ensuring that medical certificates are submitted to the Theology Office within 3 days of the date of their last examination.  Regarding coursework, the medical certificate should be submitted to the tutor concerned, also within 3 days.
3. Evidence of any exceptional circumstance other than illness which has caused a student to miss an examination or a deadline for submitting assessed coursework must be submitted in the same way. 

4. Boards of Examiners are not obliged to consider a medical certificate presented outside the 3-day deadline. 

5.  Guidelines on Exceptional Circumstances are available from the Directorate of Academic and Student Affairs.