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Research Opportunities


  • Prophetic and narrative literature of the Old Testament, with a particular focus on the Minor Prophets and the books of Kings and Esther

Dr Charlie Hadjiev
  • Systematic theology and modern theology

  • This includes all areas of Christian doctrine and its import for personal discipleship and public life

Dr Cynthia Bennet Brown
  • Old Testament

Dr Desmond Alexander
  • The positive and negative influences of Fundamentalism on young women with eating disorders and the role of the local church in the pastoral care of people living with dementia

  • Funeral customs

  • A Bionian pattern for pastoral practice

  • The contemporary Evangelical church-planting movement

  • The porting of an Irish Presbyterian congregation

  • Chaplaincy in an English public school

  • The influence of the ‘emerging church’ in the Church of Ireland

  • The missional thinking and practice of PCI in dialogue with the theology of Lesslie Newbigin

Professor Drew Gibson
  • All New Testament-related proposals considered, especially any aspect of the interpretation, reception or impact of the Book of Revelation

  • Current postgraduate students are working on projects relating to 1 Corinthians, Galatians and Hebrews

Professor Gordon Campbell
  • Early Church era: main research interests include church/state relations (inc. persecution), evolution of thought and practice (inc. canon, doctrine, controversies) and key personalities

  • Reformation era: main research interests include German and Swiss developments, key personalities and controversies

  • Irish History: all aspects but particularly Presbyterian, nineteenth-century Connaught and Home rule era

  • Modern era: all aspects of World War One (church reaction, chaplaincy, the Irish connection/dilemma and nineteenth-century mission in India and China

Professor Laurence Kirkpatrick