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Admissions for Taught/Research Degrees


Please refer to the Admissions and Access link here


Application forms and references

1.   Candidates must use the University’s postgraduate application form. Please refer to the menu link: Queen's On-Line for Prospective Students.

2.   All applications are reviewed and considered by the Director of the Institute of Theology and Postgraduate Committee.  

3. Selectors may, if they wish, require candidates to attend for interview before a decision is made.

Closing dates

While the Institute of Theology has no specific closing date by which it accepts applications, candidates should ensure that their application is submitted in a timely manner before the beginning of term.  A formal report on applications accepted is submitted to the Theology Postgraduate Committee and Theology Board.


Criteria for Admission for all Postgraduate courses:

1.   Candidates must hold (or be about to qualify for) a degree from an approved university or hold another qualification which the University considers to be an appropriate alternative to a primary degree. 

2.  International candidates are required to have the appropriate English Language Qualification.

3.   Theology has clearly-stated selection criteria and adhere to these criteria in all cases.  Normally, the following conditions will apply.


Entry to a research degree (PhD)

 Applicants for research degrees should have a: 

  • 2:1 Honours degree or above in Theology or the equivalent.  In addition, applicants are required to have a Masters degree in Theology/Divinity with an overall average of 60% or above and 60% or above in the Dissertation.

  In addition, applicants must provide: 

·         Good references indicating that the candidate has the academic ability to undertake doctoral research.  

·        The proposal should address the following issues: the specific research question(s) you will focus on; the research methods you will employ; the relationship between your topic and existing scholarly debates in the field; and the contribution you believe your research will make. You should also include a brief, indicative bibliography. 

·         Where appropriate, international candidates must meet the English requirements as set down by the University.

·         Students applying for entrance to a research degree programme in Biblical Studies should have a minimum of a level 2 qualification in either Greek and Hebrew (subject to the area being studied) at 2.1 level or above before commencing research.

Entry to the MTh

A 2.1 Honours degree or above or equivalent qualification acceptable to the University where Theology and/or Divinity is the main subject area OR where it is one of the joint subjects in an Honours degree. In the case of the latter, the modules in Theology and/or Divinity must be of 2.1 level or above, OR a 2.1 Honours degree or equivalent recognised qualification in a subject other than Theology/Divinity, a Graduate Diploma in Theology with normally at least 5 out of the 6 modules with a mark of 60% or above.