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Architecture and Construction Management

Research in Architecture and Construction Management

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Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork

The Centre for Archaeological Fieldwork (CAF)

Established in 2002, the CAF is the School’s in-house archaeological fieldwork unit comprising a team of eight professional archaeologists.

Over the past 14 years the CAF has undertaken over 400 investigations across Northern Ireland. The primary aim of the CAF is to record the past, with academic reports compiled for each project undertaken. In addition, we disseminate the results of our work to the public through general–reader texts and lectures.

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Centre of Canadian Studies

Centre of Canadian Studies (CCS)

The Centre aims to promote a better understanding of Canadian society, culture and environment within both the University and wider community.

It works across disciplines, connecting research in Canada to broader international research agendas. The Centre also draws together research expertise across the Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Sciences here at Queen’s. It regularly hosts distinguished visiting scholars and supports the promotion of a number of study exchanges.

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Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis

The Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis is one of the oldest Digital Humanities Centres in the world. 

Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis (CDDA)

The CDDA is one of the leading Digital Humanities units within the UK and Ireland.

The Centre has consistently pioneered linkages between information technologies and humanities research. Founded before the Internet became mainstream, the unit was amongst the first of its kind, and, due to its innovation and dynamism, has grown in skills and resource since then.

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Centre for Climate, the Environment and Chronology


14CHRONO Centre for Climate, the Environment and Chronology

The AMS facility lies at the heart of the 14CHRONO Centre providing high precision radiocarbon analyses for research in a wide range of disciplines and commercial projects.

Our research programmes investigate past climate and environmental change, past human society, and modern environments. Examples include research on radiocarbon calibration (IntCal13), reservoir corrections (marine and freshwater), ocean circulation changes, lake carbon burial and flux, and chronology of past environmental and societal changes.

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Software and database tools

We host software for calibration (CALIB, CALIBomb), ΔR calculation, age depth modelling (BACON and clam) and databases (IntCal13, Marine Radiocarbon Reservoir Database).

The 14CHRONO Centre has 30 years’ experience in radiocarbon dating. It is renowned for maintaining a high level of quality control and availability of resources, ensuring fast and accurate results. Our postgraduate students and postdoctoral researchers receive training ranging from sample selection through to construction of age models.

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Geographical Information Science (GIS) Unit

Geographical Information Science (GIS)

The Geographical Information Science (GIS) Unit specialise in mapping, geodata engineering, geomatic research, GIS customised training and teaching and GI Data analytics.

The Unit is the central resource for Research and Teaching in the field of Geographical Information Science and Geomatics at GAP. Members of the unit have diverse research interests, promote GI research to the wider University and conduct collaborative research and teaching programs with other units within the School.

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