Environmental Change and Resilience

Environmental Change and Resilience Research Cluster

Director: Dr Jennifer McKinley
Telephone: +44 (0) 28 9097 3827

The EC&R Cluster facilitates and cultivates interdisciplinary research across the disciplines of Civil Engineering, Physical Geography and Palaeoecology. Interdisciplinary research within the Cluster is well placed to address the global challenges of resilience to short-term environmental risks to infrastructure, natural and built heritage and long-term environmental change; health and the environment; the dynamics of our planet; land resource mapping and conservation through remote sensing and Geographical Information Science (GIS); big data analysis;  spatial and temporal modelling.

Our current sub-cluster groups include:

1) Marine Reserach Group

2) Health, environment and contaminated land

3) Landscape and climate change resilience

4) Smart Infrastructure and bio-based Materials

5) Geotechnical resilience and materials

6) Peatlands, hydrogeology and wetlands.

Cluster Staff

Academic Staff




Dr G. Amato 4266  DKB 0G.024 g.amato@qub.ac.uk
Dr M. Blaauw 3895  Elmwood 0G.009 maarten.blaauw@qub.ac.uk 
Dr S. Cox 4152  DKB 0G.022 s.cox@qub.ac.uk
Dr. R. Doherty 4746  DKB 01.027 r.doherty@qub.ac.uk
Dr T. Elliot 4736 DKB 02.029 t.elliot@qub.ac.uk
Dr R. Flood 3628 Elmwood 02.007B r.flood@qub.ac.uk
Dr R. Flynn 4044  DKB 02.028 r.flynn@qub.ac.uk
Dr G. Hamill 4197  DKB 02.016B g.a.hamill@qub.ac.uk
Dr D. Hester 4554  DKB 01.030 d.hester@qub.ac.uk
Dr D. Hughes 4014  DKB 02.034 d.hughes@qub.ac.uk
Dr M. Karimirad 4045  DKB 02.037 madjid.karimirad@qub.ac.uk
Dr P. Mackinnon 4047 DKB 02.030 p.mackinnon@qub.ac.uk
Dr Jennifer McKinley 3827  Elmwood 02.013 j.mckinley@qub.ac.uk
Dr John McKinley 4690 DKB 0G.034C john.mckinley@qub.ac.uk
Dr D. McPolin 4233  DKB 0G.027 d.mcpolin@qub.ac.uk
Dr D. Mullan 3362  Elmwood 0G.012 d.mullan@qub.ac.uk
Dr A. Newton 5146 Elmwood 0G.010 a.newton@qub.ac.uk
Dr K. O'Driscoll 4204  DKB 01.034 kieran.odriscoll@qub.ac.uk
Dr U. Ofterdinger 4517  DKB 02.022 u.ofterdinger@qub.ac.uk
Dr D. Phillips 5590  DKB 02.025 d.phillips@qub.ac.uk
Dr G. Plunkett 3184  Elmwood 01.035 g.plunkett@qub.ac.uk
Dr R. Rabett 5147  Fitzwilliam 01.045 r.rabett@qub.ac.uk
Dr P. Reimer 3980  Fitzwilliam 0G.010 p.j.reimer@qub.ac.uk
Dr D. Robinson 4025  DKB 02.032 des.robinson@qub.ac.uk
Dr H. Roe 5148  Elmwood 02.021 h.roe@qub.ac.uk
Dr A. Ruffell 3407  DKB 02.027 a.ruffell@qub.ac.uk
Dr A. Shuttleworth 3128 Fitzwilliam 01.037 a.shuttleworth@qub.ac.uk
Dr V. Sivakumar 4009  DKB 02.033 v.sivakumar@qub.ac.uk
Dr M. Sonebi 4013  DKB 02.036 m.sonebi@qub.ac.uk
Prof S. Taylor 4010/4635  DKB 02.034/Faculty s.e.taylor@qub.ac.uk
Dr P. Warke 3518  Fitzwilliam 02.016 p.warke@qub.ac.uk
Prof T. Whittaker 4031 Computer Science 01.004 t.whittaker@qub.ac.uk


Example Projects

REMEDIATE is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (MSCA) funded Innovative Training Network (ITN). The network is made up of 8 beneficiaries from five EU member states - the UK, Ireland, Germany, Denmark, and Italy - and 18 partner organisations. All participants in the project are committed to providing innovative research and training for more cost effective and sustainable remediation of contaminated land.

12 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) have taken part in a structured and integrated research and training programme to provide them with a highly specific blend of personalised technical and transferable skills.

The network is a multidisciplinary collaboration between internationally renowned research teams from academia and industry, each with complementary expertise in a wide range of site investigation and risk assessment technologies.  Staff from the Environmental Change and Resilience Cluster have supervised 3 of the ESRs on the programme.



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