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Queen’s University of Belfast has a 22 x 4.75 m wave basin, with an operating depth up to 0.8 m.

The glass walled tank is equipped with state of the art instrumentation, including a 6-paddles Edinburgh Design Ltd Wave Maker with active wave absorption. The electric paddles can produce regular and random waves with heights up to 0.55 m, wave angle variations from 0° to 45° and wave periods from 1 s to 3.5 s.

The basin has an adjustable tank floor for tests at various depths, and a 7 x 1 m glass window on the floor itself. A 7 m long wire mesh absorbing beach is placed on the opposite side of the tank, respect to the Wave Maker.

Video capture, motion tracking, load measurement along the 6-degrees-of-freedom and conductivity measurements using twin-wire wave gauges are additional instrumentations also available.

The most recent tests carried out inside the QUB facility investigated on ocean wave energy conversion and wash waves from fast ships.

For further details please contact: 

Prof. Trevor Whittaker

Dr Madjid Karimirad
e-mail: Manager