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The Marine Research Group (MRG) has a strong tradition in environmental monitoring of diverse marine habitats, spanning from tidally-energetic channels to coastal oceans. With a unique collection of engineers, biologists and physical oceanographers, the MRG conducts research into marine processes, including large-scale hydrodynamic modelling or detailed water column characterisation, with a focus on the interplay of physics and ecology.

With the global rise of the marine renewable energy sector, we have developed a core strength in assessing environmental interactions of wave and tidal energy devices with individual animals, macroalgae and benthic communities. Such work involves the investigation of underwater noise, hydrographic process, collision risk and benthic communities using a broad range of equipment and techniques, for example: 

DHI Modelling Software to couple hydrodynamics with ecological processes

Hydrophones to measure ambient noise underwater or device-related noise

ADCPs (Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers) to measure current speed, direction & turbulence

Benthic (seabed) surveys to assess species composition

Simulations to calculate the probability of collisions between a device and animals

Multibeam sonar (active acoustics) to observe animal interactions with a device

Seal counts and behavioural studies to assess population dynamics and individual variation