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MaRINET, the Marine Renewables Infrastructure Network, was a network of research centres and organisations working together to accelerate the development of marine renewable energy technologies - wave, tidal & offshore-wind. The first phase was co-financed by the European Commission specifically to enhance integration and utilisation of European marine renewable energy research infrastructures and expertise. MaRINET offered periods of free-of-charge access to world-class R&D facilities & expertise and conducted joint activities in parallel to standardise testing, improve testing capabilities and enhance training & networking. MaRINET ran for four and a half years and ended in September 2015.

MaRINET2, the follow-up to the successful MaRINET project, was launched end of 2016 and will run for 4.5 years. Activities proposed under MaRINET2 will include 39 partners in 13 countries with 57 facilities. The Marine Research Group are QUB is again offering access to the Portaferry Wave Basin and field test sites.