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A strategic research cluster bringing together researchers from spatial planning, architecture and civil engineering to tackle some of the world's most pressing urban challenges.

  • Fostering strategic partnerships with other leading research centres;
  • Engaging with key research users and maximising impact;
  • Supporting our best early career researchers.

Our research is guided by the challenges of:

  • Environmentally Sustainable and Resilient Urban Development;
  • Sustainable and Inclusive Urban Prosperity and Opportunities for All;
  • Technological Innovation; and
  • … a need to meet Sustainable Development Goals for cities, climate, environment and communities.

Cluster Staff, Students and Projects



Academic Staff

Key Interests

PhD Student

Dr. D. Adlakha Healthy cities; active living; sustainable lifestyles; urban transformations Danielle McCarthy
Dr G. Boyd  Architectural design; militarization; infrastructure and architecture; the architecture of coal; architecture of the supermarket; economics and architecture Stephanie Helm-Grovas
Mrs. T. Brooks    
Prof J. Chen   Samuel English, Yaqi Li 
Prof G. Ellis (Cluster Research Director) Health and built environment; energy transition; environmental policy Ruibing Kou
Dr. W Flannery Marine and coastal planning; stakeholder participation; flood risk management Ibama Brown, Nuala Carr, Jane Clarke, Benedict McAteer, Maria Pafi, Sheck Sherif  
Dr. L. Fox-Rogers Power and politics of planning; neoliberalisation; flood risk preparedness; creative economy   
Dr. J. Gunning   Tara Brooks, Danny Ó Cléirigh Ó hÁgáin
Prof G. Keeffe   Emma Campbell, Kevin Roddy, Clare Mulholland, Qiyao HanClaire Patricia McVeigh
Mr. S. Larkin    
Prof A. Long    
Mr K. McAllister The built environment …. + autism; children; fear; health and well-being; inclusivity  
Prof M. McEldowney    
Prof. M. McGarry   Sally Faulder, Roisin Hyde, Tarla MacGabhann
Dr S. McKay Regulation; practice; resilience Dean Blackwood
Dr. J. Mariotti Energy efficient cities; socialist architecture and urban planning; urban governance; urban centralities  
Dr. A. Martire   Thomas McConaghie, James Hennesey, Anna Skoura
Dr X. Meng   Jirong LiBarry McCarronHao Wang, Xingyu Zhu
Mr C. Moore    
Mrs. C. Mulholland    
Dr B. Murtagh Social economics; urban regeneration; contested cities Mark Lusby
Dr S. Nanukuttan Civil infrastructure management; testing and modelling Neil Campbell, Yujia Zheng, Douglas Thompson
Miss Rachel O'Grady    
Prof W. Sha Alkali activated binders/concretes; fly ash; ground granulated blast furnace slag; microstructure; durability   
Prof M. Soutsos Alkali activated binders/concretes; fly ash; ground granulated blast furnace slag; microstructure; durability; high performance fibre reinforced concrete; impact and blast resistant structures; the effect of temperature on early age strength development (maturity functions) Yuanye He
Mr. Niek Turner

Architecture and media; cinema and space; computer vision and new visual research methodologies; augmented and mixed reality

Dr. R. Waldron    


Research Fellows

Clare Cleland  
Esmaeel Esmaeeli  
Sara Ferguson Health and built environment; ageing; GIS
Kostas Grigoriadis Evaluation of concrete patch repairs; non-toxic waterproofing impregnations for ordinary Portland cement (OPC) concrete; microwave curing of cement-based mortars and concretes; alkali activated binder (AAB) concrete; use of recycled aggregate in AAB and OPC concrete
Andrew Grounds Ethical property development; social economy; urban regeneration
Jacek Kwasny Alternative binders; lightweight materials; CO2 curing of concrete; CO2 sequestration in cementitious materials; concrete mix design and rheology
Teresa McGrath Energy modelling; life cycle assessment;  geopolymer concrete
Mark Whittaker  



Example Projects

Re-Use and Recycling of Decommissioned Composite Material Wind Turbine Blades

Reuse and Recycling of Materials and Structures in Energy Efficient Prefabricated Elements for Building Refurbishment and Construction
Low Carbon Footprint Precast Concrete Products for an Energy Efficient Built Environment

Geopolymer Research
Blast and Impact Resistant Concrete  
By-Products for Building Materials