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Research Theme: Place, Well-being and Healthy Environment
Supervisors: Prof. Geraint Ellis ( and Dr. Deepti Adlakha (

Liveability has emerged as a key concept for attempting to measure the qualities of cities in relation to sustainability, community health and the character of place.  While there are critiques of this concept (e.g. Lloyd et al 2016), it is being widely adopted and promoted as an effective way of assessing the effectiveness of policy for producing meaningful outcomes for citizens (Foster at al 2016) and exploring the links between policy and its spatial outcomes (Badland et al 2016). The new community plan for Belfast, The Belfast Agenda  ( proposes the development of a Liveability index for the city, but with little contextual understanding of citizen needs, or adequacy of current data provision. This PhD project will critically engage with the Liveability agenda in Belfast and seeks to clarify the need, effectiveness and the range of potential indicators that could be usefully deployed in the context.

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