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Academic Accounting Staff


Accounting Staff

Meet Our Staff
Academic Economic Staff


Economics Staff

Meet Our Staff
Academic Finance Staff


Finance Staff

Meet Our Staff
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Management Staff

Meet Our Staff

Accounting Staff



Areas of Expertise

Dr Alessandro Ala


Asset impairment and accounting standards

Dr Bibek Bhatta


International portfolio investments, corporate governance, home and foreign bias, behavioural finance.

Professor Ciaran Connolly


Not-for-profit accounting and reporting 

Professor Noel Hyndman


Not-for-profit accounting and reporting 

Dr Martin Kelly


Not-for-profit accounting and reporting 

Dr Lane Matthews

  Innovation disclosure, information asymmetry, R&D disclosures, Carbon disclosures, Audit quality, IPOs vs SEOs 

Mrs Patricia McCourt Larres


Accounting ethics and education 

Professor Mariann Liguori


Change processes in accounting systems 

Dr Danielle McConville


Not-for-profit accounting and reporting 

Dr Martin Quinn

  Management accounting change, accounting history, accounting in social context 

Mrs Martina Smylie

  Not for profit accounting and reporting 

Dr Elaine Stewart 

  Not for profit and public sector 

Economics Staff



Areas of Expertise

Dr Graham Brownlow


Economic history, institutional economics, the economics of the two Irelands

Dr Subhadip Chakrabarti


Game theory, operations research, telecommunications policy

Dr Chris Colvin


Business, economic and financial history

Dr Alan de Bromhead


Economic history, political economy and globalisation

Dr Heather Dickey


Labour economics, regional economics and health economics

Dr Arcangelo Dimico


Political economy, institutional economics, long-run development

Dr Egidio Farina


Political economics, law and economics and applied microeconomics

Dr Alan Fernihough


Economic history, demography and economic growth

Dr Matthias Flueckiger


Development economics and health economics

Dr Chirantan Ganguly


Game theory, telecommunication policy, contracts

Professor Rob Gilles


Game theory, economics of networks and institutions, public goods

Dr Luis Guimaraes

  Macroeconomics and Labour Economics 

Dr Ryan Kee


Economic policy and development economics

Dr Rajnish Kumar


Mechanism design, networks and game theory

Dr Mark McGovern


Health economics and development economics

Professor Duncan McVicar


Labour economics and economics of social policy

Dr Renee Prendergast


History of economic thought, development economics

Mr Neil Rowland

  Labour economics 

Dr Anthony Ziegelmeyer


Behavioural economics

Finance Staff




Areas of Expertise

Dr Robin Adams

  Economic history, business history, popular political fundraising 

Professor Gareth Campbell


Asset pricing bubbles, financial crises, and economic history

Dr Christopher Coyle


Fixed income securities and markets, corporate finance, financial history

Dr Mark Farrell


Enterprise risk management

Dr Declan French


Public health, retirement and pensions

Dr Philip Fliers

  Corporate finance, financial history, banking, corporate governance 

Mrs Aine Gallagher


Corporate finance

Dr Alan Hanna


Computational finance, machine learning, sentiment analysis

Mr Joseph Harrigan


ESG, Investments and Capital Markets

Dr Fearghal Kearney


Financial market analysis, volatility modelling, forecasting 

Dr Tony Klein

  Econometrics, volatility modeling & forecasting, energy finance, commodity markets

Dr Jiadong Liu

  Financial econometrics, asset pricing, technical analysis, derivatives.

Dr Yangke Liu

  Corporate finance and banking 

Mr Neil McConville


Occupational pension schemes and their investment

Professor Donal McKillop


Not-for-profit financial institutions

Ms Gillian McMahon

  Funding of defined benefit pension schemes 

Dr Barry Quinn


Econometrics, banking and financial cooperatives

Dr William Quinn


Financial history

Dr Lisa Sheenan


Financial contagion and transmission of shocks, risk and linkages in financial markets and financial crises

Dr Yuxin Sun

  Financial market microstructure 

Professor John Turner


Economic and financial history

Dr Clive Walker


Housing markets, media influence in financial markets, financial history

Management Staff



Areas of Expertise

Dr Michael Aldous


Business history, international business management, theory of the firm

Dr Bernadette Best

  Non profit and voluntary sector, service quality, value co-creation, social innovation 

Dr Karen Bonner

  Entrepreneurship, enterprise policy, SME growth, innovation 

Dr Kieran Conroy


International strategy, power and influence in the multinational enterprise

Dr Mike Crone


International business strategy, the multinational enterprise, foreign direct investment, economic geography

Dr Niall Cullinane


Industrial relations and industrial sociology 

Dr Denise Currie


Employment relations, conflict management, non-profit and voluntary sector

Dr Hilary Downey


Consumer culture and transformative research    

Dr Adam Frost


Dr Byron Graham

  Business Analytics

Dr Stephanie Graham


Supply chain management, sustainability 

Dr Tom Hastings


Political economy, labour market regulation and worker agency

Dr Shirley-Ann Hazlett


Performance management, public sector, CSR 

Professor Nola Hewitt-Dundas


Innovation, enterprise policy, entrepreneurship, knowledge transfer    

Dr Michael Isichei

  International Human Resource Management, Global Mobility, and Global Talent Management 

Dr Grainne Kelly


Knowledge intensive firms, knowledge management and international HRM 

Dr Yang Liu

  International strategy, the multinational enterprise, innovation 

Mrs Julie McCandless

  Professor of Practice, business management 

Dr Lucy McCarthy


Sustainable development, sustainable supply chain management (SME and MNC)

Dr Patrick McCole


E-business, social CRM, marketing analytics

Dr Sara Melo


Healthcare management, innovation, organizational learning  

Dr Lisa Messina

  Entrepreneurship, international business, SME development, knowledge transfer 

Dr Joanne Murphy


Organizational change, leadership, policing 

Professor Mark Palmer


Marketing, institutions, innovation, technology

Mr David Paulson


Professor of Practice, SMEs, family firms, leadership, business history

Dr Heike Schroder


International and comparative HRM, management of an ageing workforce, career research

Professor Geoff Simmons


Digital technology innovation implications for business and society

Dr Laura Steele

   Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Professor Paul Teague


Industrial relations

Mr Silviu Tierean


International Marketing, Business to Business Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Consequences of Corporate Reputation, Psycological Effects of Money

Dr Jelena Vlajic


Supply chain and logistics (concepts, methods, measurement)

Dr Julian Warner


Information systems for managers 

Professor Min Zhang

  Operations and supply chain management, innovation