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Queen's Student Managed Fund up 5.65%

Students and staff at Queen’s University Belfast are celebrating this week at the inaugural Annual General Meeting of the Queen’s Student Managed Fund (QSMF) held at Riddel Hall on Tuesday 1st November.

The AGM marks a successful period of investment following the launch of the real money QSMF in April 2016, with a return on investment of 5.65%.  The Queen’s Student Managed Fund is the second largest fund in the UK and Ireland with philanthropic donations of over £25,000 provided by employers and alumni for this project in just under a year. 

Queen’s University Belfast is one of less than 10 universities in the UK to have its own Trading Room equipped with Bloomberg terminals, and is one of even a smaller number of universities to provide their students with the opportunity to manage a real money fund which develops their understanding of financial markets and the investment process.

The goal of QSMF is to achieve consistent long term positive returns by optimally managing downside risk.  The QSMF provides students with a unique learning experience of managing a real investment portfolio.  The primary aim is to increase student ambition and to enhance employability through exposure to industry professionals, authentic practice and dynamic markets.

QSMF is structured as a professional investment fund with students from a range of backgrounds and degree programmes taking up roles as analysts, sector heads and members of the executive committee.    There are opportunities for personal development as students progress through the various roles and benefit from peer learning within the fund. 

Students make all investment decisions provided they adhere to the Fund’s investment policy as determined by an Oversight Committee of academic staff.  The Fund can invest in equities (UK only); OEICs; Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs); and cash.

Barry Quinn, Programme Director at Queen’s Management School said, “The fund provides students with the opportunity to collaborate and learn through experience, with insights drawn from academia and industry best practice. QSMF has been carefully developed to allow students to manage an investment portfolio in an authentic setting and develop industry relevant skills and experience.”

QSMF enhances student employability with Alan Werlau, Senior Strategist from Davys and keynote speaker, noting, “The fact that these students have learnt to speak a language that is less academic and more “real world” shows that they can bridge and translate concepts into real life changes.  I have hired students who have got involved with Student Managed Funds directly from university and they’re just as good as candidates with 10 years of experience in the marketplace.  I would urge all students who want to work in Finance to avail of this experience at Queen’s University. ”

Mohamad Musa, Student Chief Executive Officer commented, “The SMF was the real talking point in interviews; as soon as I had explained the concept I found that interviewers really focused in on it. The SMF helped
me further build my understanding of investing but also taught me key management and organisational skills.