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Queen’s Management School welcomes their International Advisory Board to Riddel Hall


Professor Ian Greer, the Vice-Chancellor of Queen's University welcomed the reconvened QMS International Advisory Board to its inaugural meeting yesterday at Riddel Hall. 

The remit of the QMS International Advisory Board under the direction of Ms Sue Douthwaite, is to advise the Head of School on the strategic management of QMS. The Board also supports the School in increasing its societal and economic impact through education and research. 

Through education, the Board provides an employer perspective on future graduate skills, facilitates access to work-based learning opportunities for students, and provides direct input into degree programmes. 

Through research, the Board identifies issues of concern to business, public and third sector organisations, and assists in the conduct and dissemination of research results including engagement with communities of practice. 

QMS IAB Members

(L-R) Back Row:
Mr John Healy, Mr Paul Henry, Mrs Sonia O’Hare, Professor Roberta Piermartini,

Front Row:
Dr Stephen Kingon, Mr Richard Ramsey, Mrs Sue Douthwaite (Chair), Professor Ian Greer Vice-Chancellor of QUB, Professor Nola Hewitt Dundas, Professor Jim Crilly, Ms Laura Jackson

Not pictured: The Honorable Deborah L. Wince-Smith, Professor Petra Ahrweiler, Professor Robert Galliers, Dr John King, Mr Feargal McCormack, Professor Andrew Pettigrew 

Find more about QMS International Board and its members here.