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As part of our commitment to promoting ERS within management education we are developing and making available free teaching and learning resources, starting with a podcast. The QMS Good Business Podcast goes beyond the bottom line and asks, what does it mean to be a ‘good’ business? 

Focusing on issues of ethics, social responsibility, and sustainability, the podcast brings together academics, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and other key stakeholders, such as third sector organisations, to discuss how businesses can be a force for good within society. 

Our podcast launched in September 2018 with Louise Nicholl, Corporate Head of Human Rights, Food Sustainability and Food Packaging for Marks and Spencer, and Glenn Bradley, Chair of the Northern Ireland Business and Human Rights Forum, discussing business ethics, human rights, and sustainability.


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QMS Good Business Podcast Episode 1 - 
Ethics, Human Rights, and Sustainability at M&S.

(Pictured from left are: Glenn Bradley, NIBHRF; Laura Steele, Queen’s Management School;
and Louise Nicholl, Marks and Spencer)