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Dr Bernie Best

Dr Bernadette Best is a Lecturer in Management at the Queen’s Management School. Her main area of research is in the field of not-for-profit organisations, particularly service quality and value co-creation aspects of not-for-profit organisations delivering public services. Bernadette has 22 years of senior management experience in not-for-profit organisations and she has served on not-for-profit organisational forums including the NICVA Joint Forum and the Northern Hub Social Enterprise Stakeholder Group. She has published in the area of value co-creation in the International Journal of Operations and Production Management and disseminated her research at the EuROMA, British Academy of Management, and European Knowledge Management academic conferences.


Professor Ciaran Connolly is Professor of Accounting at Queen’s Management School. His main area of research is in the field of public services, particularly the financial and performance measurement aspects of the charity and public sectors. Ciaran has published in the area of charity accounting, the private finance initiative and resource accounting and budgeting. His research output in these areas includes publications in academic journals such as: Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, British Accounting Review, Financial Accountability & Management, Journal of Business Ethics and Public Administration. Ciaran has advised the Northern Ireland Audit Office and the Northern Ireland Strategic Investment Board on the funding of public sector investment projects and is a member of the Department for Social Development (Northern Ireland) / Charity Commission for Northern Ireland Accounts and Reports Working Group.

Dr Denise Currie is a Lecturer in Management at Queen's Management School. Her research interests are in employment relations and conflict management, and she has a specific interest in the management of third-sector organisations. She has published widely in the context of conflict management innovations. A current major focus of her research is experiences of work in non-profit and voluntary organisations with significant public sector contracts.


Dr Victoria Edgar is a Lecturer in Accounting at Queen’s Management School. Her research interests include the public sector policy Public Private Partnerships (PPP), with a particular focus on influences in its development in the UK. Additionally, she teaches in the area of public sector and not-for-profit accounting.

Dr Declan French is a Lecturer in Finance in the Queen’s Management School. His most recent research has focused on actuarial modelling and forecasting of mortality which has attracted funding from the UK Institute of Actuaries. He is also currently working on the indebtedness of credit union members and its impact on mental and physical well-being. He is also a member of the QUB Centre of Excellence for Public Health and is currently involved in an interdisciplinary project with colleagues there on work disability. He has co-ordinated the economic content in the Northern Ireland Cohort Longitudinal Study of Ageing (NICOLA). In addition, he is currently working with researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health on a project examining the economic determinants of fertility.

Dr Tom Hastings is a Lecturer in Management at the Queen’s Management School. An Economic/Labour Geographer by training, my research interests span the related subject areas of Political Economy, Industrial Relations and Human Resource Management. Since completing my PhD at the University of Glasgow in 2011 (a labour geography of call centre work) I have worked in different schools of Management/Business in Oxford, Sheffield and Belfast respectively (in addition to a short spell at the School of Geography at Plymouth University). Over the course of this journey I have gained a broad repertoire of teaching and research experiences and areas of interest, and have undertaken numerous research projects which link (one way or another) to work experiences, labour rights and the politics of labour market regulation.

Dr Shirley-Ann Hazlett is a Senior Lecturer in Management at Queen’s Management School. Her research interests include performance management with a special focus on the public sector.  Additionally she researchers and teaches in the area of corporate social responsibility (CSR). She has published in International Journal of Public Sector Management, the International Small Business Journal and the journal Production Planning and Control.


Professor Noel Hyndman is Professor of Management Accounting at Queen’s Management School. His main research interests have centred on performance measurement, performance reporting, management accounting and accounting change in charities, public sector organisations and not-for-profit organisations. Noel has been a member of the Charity SORP Committee (Charity Commissioners England and Wales) since 2006, is currently a member of the Department for Social Development (NI) / Charity Commission NI Accounts and Reports Working Group, and in 2015 he was elected chair of the British Accounting and Finance Association’s Public Services and Charities Special Interest Group. He is joint editor of the Accounting, Finance & Governance Review, the official journal of the Irish Accounting and Finance Association, and associate editor of Financial Accountability & Management

Dr Martin Kelly is a Lecturer in Accounting at Queen’s Management School. His research interests include accounting and accountability within social enterprises and not-for-profit organisations. Martin is particularly interested in the processes by which accounting representations and calculative measurement impact upon people and practices within organisations. Martin is currently an advisor to the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) in relation to their Chartered Manager award for practicing leaders and managers in the United Kingdom.

Dr Muiris MacCarthaigh

Dr Muiris MacCarthaigh is Senior Lecturer in Politics and Public Administration at Queens University Belfast, President of the Political Studies Association of Ireland (2016-19), and co-chair of the European Group for Public Administration’s study group on the Governance of Public Sector Organisations. His research and teaching interests are located across two domains: Irish government and politics; and public administration and policy. He has authored and edited seven books on these issues, most recently Public Sector Reform in Ireland: Countering Crisis (Palgrave 2017), and his work has been published in leading scientific journals including Governance, Public Administration, Public Management Review, Public Policy and Administration and the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. He is former editor of the journal Administration and currently editorial board member for the International Journal of Public Sector Management and the Emerald book series Critical Perspectives on International Public Sector Management. He is also Visiting Research Fellow at the UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy.

Professor Mariannunziata Liguori is Professor of Management Accounting and director of the MSc Accounting and Finance at Queen’s Management School. She moved to Belfast after a visiting period at the University of Alberta Business School, in Canada. She was awarded her PhD by Bocconi University, Milan. Her main research interests relate to processes of accounting change, control of outsourced public services and performance management in the public and not-for-profit sectors. In 2015 she has been elected secretary of the British Accounting and Finance Association’s Public Services and Charities Special Interest Group. She is a member of the editorial board of Financial Accountability & Management and of the Journal of Public Budgeting, Accounting & Financial Management. She has published in a number of other leading journals in the field, such as Accounting, Auditing and Accountability JournalCritical Perspectives on Accounting, Organisations Studies and Public Administration

Dr Danielle McConville is a Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Queen’s Management School. Her research interests include transparency and accountability in a not-for-profit context; the implications of this for stakeholders; and the impact of stakeholders on reporting practices (particularly on the UK Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP)); alongside broader governance themes. Recent publications include papers in Public Money and Management, Voluntas, The Irish Accounting Review and The British Accounting Review. Danielle has been involved with a number of charity sector initiatives in the UK and Ireland, including as co-author of a major report for the Charity Commission on the development of the SORP. 

Professor Donal McKillop is Professor of Financial Services at Queen’s Management School. He has recently advised the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister in Northern Ireland on intervention measures to alleviate financial hardships due to welfare reform. He also chaired the Commission on Credit Unions for the Irish Government. Its work led to the introduction of the Credit Union and Co-Operation with Overseas Regulators Act 2012. He was appointed in 2014 by the Minister of Finance (Ireland) as Chair of the Credit Union Advisory Committee. In recent years Donal has completed commissioned research on financial cooperatives for the Royal Irish Academy, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the Scottish Executive. He is associate editor of the European Journal of Finance.

Dr Sara Melo is a Lecturer in Management at Queen’s Management School. Her research interests include healthcare management, innovation, organisational learning and the role of objects and the built environment on organisational dynamics. Sara is currently involved in two international research projects. One of these, which also involves researchers from three Brazilian universities, studies innovation processes in software development. The second project focuses on the prevention of healthcare-associated infections and involves a team of researchers from the UK and Brazil. In 2014, Sara published a monograph (with Matthias Beck) entitled Quality Management and Managerialism in Healthcare: A Critical Historical Survey. She is a member of the editorial board of the Global Journal of Health Science

Dr Joanne Murphy is a Lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Change at Queen’s Management School. Her research focuses on three main areas: organisational change, especially around policing and criminal justice; the intersection of wider political processes with large scale public sector organisational change processes; and public policy implementation.  She is the author of a number of books, the latest of which is ‘RUC to PSNI: Conflict, Change and Community Confidence’ (2013, Palgrave Macmillan). Her research has been funded by a number of organisations including the IRCHSS, HEA, British Academy and the AHRC.

Dr Barry Quinn is a Lecturer in Finance at the School. He is also a fellow of the St Andrew’s University Centre for Responsible Banking and a senior associate researcher at the International Research Centre for Cooperative Finance at HEC Montreal. His main area of research is performance measurement of financial institutions, credit unions and football teams. Barry has published research on the recent performance of the Irish credit union sector, Japanese cooperatives and technology adoption traits of the Irish credit union sector. Barry is currently working with a team from the IMF on the importance of regulatory compliance and banking performance and is a researcher for the Credit Union Advisory Committee which advises the Irish finance minister. His research output has been published in academic journals such as: European Journal of Finance, Financial Accountability & Management, Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics, International Journal of Cooperative Studies and the IMF Working Paper Series.  Barry holds a PhD from Queens University Belfast, and has 9 years financial services industry experience.

Dr Martin Quinn

Dr Martin Quinn is Senior Lecturer in Accounting at Queen’s Management School. He previously worked at Dublin City University and is a Chartered Management Accountant. His main research interests are accounting change, accounting in society, accounting information systems and accounting history. He is a member of the editorial board of Qualitative Research in Accounting and Management and has published in this journal as well as Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal and Management Accounting Research. He has also authored several student and research texts. Full details of his woek can be found at http://www.researchgate.net/profile/Martin_Quinn or at https://pure.qub.ac.uk/portal/en/persons/martin-quinn(a703cfa4-cd34-4125-b7bc-ef46477df138).html

Dr Laura Steele

Dr Laura Steele is a Lecturer (Education) in Business and Society at Queen’s Management School. Her research interests include business ethics and corporate governance, with a particular focus on public sector organisations. Prior to joining the University in 2017, Laura worked across a number of public and third sector organisations, including the Northern Ireland Assembly and Special EU Programmes Body.

Dr Elaine Stewart is a Lecturer in Accounting at Queen’s Management School. Her research interests include accounting and finance in the not-for-profit and public sector. Elaine’s PhD thesis (awarded by Queen’s Management School in 2016) investigated public sector accounting reform in UK central government over a thirty-year time frame. She is currently involved in a research project funded by the Money Advice Service with Professor Donal Mc Killop and Dr Declan French investigating whether digital technology could be used to improve the financial capability of credit union members.

Julian Warner

Julian Warner is a Lecturer in Management at Queen’s Management School.  His research interests include research evaluation for public bodies, including universities, the dissemination of public knowledge, and creativity and forms of mental labour in copyright.  Relevant publications include Modelling the diffusion of specialised knowledge. Aslib Proceedings. 55, 1-2, 2003, pp.75-83, A critical review of the application of citation studies to the Research Assessment Exercises. Journal of Information Science. 26, 6, 2000, pp.453-460, and Creativity for Feist. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology. 64, 6, 2013, pp.1173-1192.

PhD student members

Caroline Flynn is a PhD student within the School. Caroline's research investigates risk transfer in public private partnership (PPP) contracts. More specifically, focusing on operational PPP and traditionally procured schools projects in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, it examines whether risk has been transferred as expected at the contract stage with what has been experienced when schools have been operational for a number of years.

Rachel Keys is a PhD student within the School. Her research focus is a randomised control trial studying the effectiveness of alternative interventions to alleviate debt for credit union members. A key element of this research agenda is an assessment of a web-based intervention geared towards the promotion of financial capability.  A further aspect of the research is an exploration of the causes and effects of using high-cost borrowing in low income households.

Tamer Khalil is a PhD student in the School. Tamer’s research interests relate to the dynamics of the process of accounting change in the public sector. His research agenda includes the role of New Public Management (NPM) knowledge on the public sector accounting and management reforms. This includes an exploration of the effect of the pre-implementation efforts on the transition from the principles of the old public administration to NPM principles. A further aspect of the research is the impact of the types of knowledge on the implementation of public sector reforms in the UK.


Gail Sheppard is a PhD student within the School. Her research focuses on public private partnership (PPP) and examines the rationale for the adoption of PPP in the Republic of Ireland. In addition, it explores the extent of the influence of policy transfer and institutional isomorphism in its adoption and in achieving the aims set out by government. Wider research interests include value for money in, and performance measurement by, public resource allocation. 

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