March 2019

01/03/2019  1.30pm  Institutional change and property rights prior to the Industrial Revolution: the case of wardship in Britain, 1485-1660 (abstract)  Sean Bottomley  Max Planck Institute for European Legal History  QUCEH  Lecture Theatre 
01/03/2019   3.30pm  Zero Hours Contracts and Their Growth: Five Questions and Answers  Egidio Farina  Queen's Management School  Economics  Lecture Theatre 
06/03/2019   1pm  The Introduction of the Living Wage and the Unintended Consequences of the Re-Regulation of Pay in Scottish Social Care (Abstract)  Ian Cunningham  University of Strathclyde  Management  Boardroom 
06/03/2019   1pm  Conditional Yardstick Competition   Timo Kuosmanen  Aalto University, Finland  Finance Lecture Room 4 
07/03/2019   12 noon Everybody Wants to Change the World  Agnes Nairn  University of Bristol  CHaRMS  Newark Room/Lanyon Building 
08/03/2019   11am Accountability and Organisational Reputation: The Role of Blame Acceptance  Muiris MacCarthaigh  QUB  Accounting  Boardroom 
08/03/2019   1.30pm  More Power to the People: Electricity, Adoption, Technological Change and Social Conflict  Kerstin Enflo  Lund University  QUECH  Lecture Theatre 
08/03/2019   3.30pm  Commuting time and female labor force participation  Jordi Monseny  University of Barcelona  Economics  Lecture Theatre 
13/03/2019   1pm  An Early Warning System for Systemic Banking Crises: A Robust Model Approach  Michael Wosser  Central Bank of Ireland  Finance  Syndicate Room 6 
20/03/2019   1pm  Bubbles and Crashes: Perception vs. Reality William Goetzmann  Yale School of Management  Finance   Syndicate Room 6 
20/03/2019   1pm  Financial Literacy and Preparation for Retirement  Anne Nolan  Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), F, Ireland  CHaRMS  Lecture Room 4
20/03/2019   2pm  Entrepreneurial Innovation Processes: Adding a Spatial Dimension to Effectuation Theory Mokter Hussain  University of Manchester  Management  Boardroom 
22/03/2019   11am  Incentivising charity accountability: An examination of serious incident reporting (abstract)  Alasdair Rutherford  University of Stirling  Accounting  Boardroom 
22/03/2019   1.30pm  Asymmetric Information, Liquidity and Corporate Finance: Evidence from the Introduction of Credit Ratings in 1909  Eric Hilt  Wellesley College, USA  QUECH  Lecture Theatre 
22/03/2019   3.30pm  Reducing the Generosity and Increasing the Conditionality of Welfare Benefits for People with Disability: Turning the Supertanker or Squeezing the Balloon?  Duncan McVicar  Queen's Management School  Economics  Lecture Theatre 
27/03/2019   1pm  Eurozone Exit Risk  Stefan Eichler  Technische Universität,Dresden  Finance  Syndicate Room 6 
27/03/2019   2pm  Organizational Resilience - Theory Into Action.  David Denyer  Cranfield School of Management  Management  Clinton Leadership Institute Boardroom 
29/03/2019  11am  TBC  Geoff Moore  Durham University  Accounting  Boardroom 
29/03/2019  3.30pm  A Local Notion of Fairness  Marialaura Pesce  University of Naples Federico II  Economics  Lecture Theatre 


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