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September 2019

12/09/2019  12noon  Organizational support for careers: Organizationally promoted networking, teamworking and the institutional context.   Prof Mike Brookes University of Hertfordshire  Management  QMS Boardroom 
25/09/2019  1pm  How intercultural communication changes HQ-subsidiary power dynamics: A study of Chinese acquisitions in the UK  Dr Shaowei He University of Northampton  Management  CLI Boardroom 
27/09/2019  3.30pm  Public and Private Employment in a model with Underemployment Pedro Gomes  Birkbeck, University of London  Economics  Lecture Room 4 

October 2019

02/10/2019 2pm  TBC  Dr Christoph Wegener University of Lüneburg  Finance Syndicate Room 6
04/10/2019  1.30pm  TBC  Áine Gallagher  QUB/QMS  QUCEH  Lecture Theatre 
04/10/2019  3.30pm  Going Dutch: The Management of Monetary Policy in the Netherlands during the Interwar Gold Standard  Dr Chris Colvin  QUB/QMS   Economics  Lecture Room 4 
09/10/2019  1pm  TBC   Laura Wurm  PhD student   Finance  Syndicate Room 6 
09/10/2019  2pm  TBC   TBC  TBC  Management  QMS Boardroom 
09/10/2019 3pm

Teaching Design and Delivery: Developing your Skill Set

Mike Crone QUB/QMS Management Flexible Teaching Room
11/10/2019  3.30pm  Magnet or Bullet?  Rail and Ireland's Post-Famine Economic Development Alan Fernihough QUB/QMS Economics  Lecture Room 4 
16/10/2019  1pm  TBC  Lisa Sheenan  QUB/QMS  Finance  Syndicate Room 6  
16/10/2019  2pm  TBC  TBC  TBC  Management  QMS Boardroom 
18/10/2019  1.30pm  TBC  Dr Marianne Wannamaker  University of Tennessee  QUCEH  Lecture Theatre 
18/10/2019  3.30pm  The dragon down under:  The regional labour market impact of growth in Chinese imports to Australia  Michael Coelli University of Melborne  Economics  Lecture Room 4  
21/10/2019 1pm Omni-Channel Retailing:  Research Opportunities and Challenges Prof Bart MacCarthy Nottingham Business School Management QMS Boardroom
23/10/2019  1pm  TBC   Lisha Li University of York  Finance  Syndicate Room 6  
25/10/2019  11am  Accounting change in the UK Public Sector: was it all worth it? Prof Noel Hyndman and Prof Mariann Liguori  QUB/QMS  Accounting  QMS Boardroom 
25/10/2019  1.30pm  TBC  Francisco Beltran  NUTU  QUCEH  Lecture Theatre 
25/10/2019  3.30pm  The welfare effects of crop biodiversity in the presence of market failures : An empirical application on Kenya  Dr Martina Bozzola  QUB  Economics  Lecture Room 4 
30/10/2019  1pm  TBC  Dr Andrew Urquhart  University of Reading Finance  Syndicate Room 6  
30/10/2019  2pm  TBC  TBC  TBC  Management QMS Boardroom


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