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2018/2019 SEMINARS











September 2018

21/09/2018 11am Utilizing professional accounting concepts to understand and respond to academic dishonesty in accounting programs Professor Merridee Bujaki Carleton University, Ontario, Canada Accounting Syndicate Room 6
28/09/2018 1.30pm Could a large scale asset purchase programme have mitigated the Great Depression? Rebecca Stuart Central Bank of Ireland QUECH Lecture Theatre
28/09/2018 3.30pm Teaching Core Economics Backwards Alvin Birdi University of Bristol Accounting Lecture Theatre

October 2018

03/10/2018 1pm Legal Regimes, National Governance and Renewable Energy Investment Professor Dayong Zhang Southwestern University of Finance & Economics, Chengdu, China Finance Syndicate Room 9
05/10/2018 3.30pm In Search of a Spatial Equilibrium in the Developing World Martina Kirchberger Trinity College Dublin Economics  Lecture Theatre 
10/10/2018  1pm    Professor Paul McNicholas  McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada  Finance  Syndicate Room 9 
12/10/2018  1.30pm   Frank Kennedy  London School of Economics  QUECH  Lecture Theatre 
12/10/2018  3.30pm  The Wage Impact of Immigration: Evidence from the British Labour Market using Longitudinal Data  Heather Dickey  Queens Management School  Economics  Lecture Theatre 
17/10/2018  1pm     Dr Fabio Braggion  Tilburg University, Netherlands  Finance  Syndicate Room 9 
19/10/2018  11am        Accounting   Boardroom  
19/10/2018  3.30pm  Understanding SES Gradients in University Match Quality  Lindsey MacMillan  University College London  Economics Lecture Theatre  
24/10/2018  1pm    Dr Gbenga Ibikunle  University of Edinburgh  Finance  Syndicate Room 9 
26/10/2018  1.30pm    Mary O'Sullivan  University of Geneva  QUECH  Lecture Theatre  
26/10/2018  3.30pm  Theories of Value: General Formulations and Reconciliation  Professor Rob Gilles  Queens Management School  Economics  Lecture Theatre  
31/10/2018 12.15pm Understanding Critical Management Studies and the Contributions of Post/Decolonial Feminist Theory  Dr Jennifer Manning Dublin Institute of Technology, College of Business Management Boardroom

November 2018

02/11/2018  3.30pm  Fatherless: The Long-Term Effects of Losing a Father in the U.S. Civil War Yannick Dupraz University of Warwick Economics  Lecture Theatre 
07/11/2018  1pm  “Common” Drivers of Commodity Futures  Dr Thomas Walther  University of St. Gallen, Switerland  Finance  Syndicate Room 9  
09/11/2018  1.30pm  Shadow of a Taxman: How, and by whom, was the republican government financed during the Irish War of Independence (1919-21)?  Robin Adams  Oxford University  QUECH  Lecture Theatre   
09/11/2018  3.30pm  Populism: Demand and Supply  Helios Herrera  University of Warick  Economics  Lecture Theatre   
14/11/2018 1pm Time Series Reversal in Trend Following Strategies Jiadong Liu  Queens Management School  Finance Syndicate Room 9
14/11/2018  2pm  Gendered Funding Performance: Applicant Gender and Project Characteristics Predict Funding Success  Nicolai Foss  Boccoini University  Economics  Lecture Theatre   
16/11/2018 3.30pm Warfare, State Capacity and the Rise of Democratic Institutions Luigi Pascali Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona Economics Lecture Theatre  
21/11/2018 TBC Dark Trading: Liquidity Commonality and Trading Halts (abstract) Yuxin Sin Queens Management School Finance Syndicate room 8
23/11/2018 1.30pm   Lyndon Moore The University of Melbourne QUECH Lecture Theatre  
23/11/2018 3.30pm Theories of Value: General Formulations and Reconciliation Rob Gilles Queens Management School Economics Lecture Theatre 
28/11/2018 1pm   Professor Janusz Brzeszczynski Northumbria University Finance Syndicate Room 2
30/11/2018 and 01/12/2018 12PM Economic and Social History Society Conference      Conference  Lecture Theatre, BDO and Syndicate Room 3 

December 2018

07/12/2018 1.30pm   Youssef Cassis European University Institute, Florence QUCEH Lecture Theatre
07/12/2018 3.30pm   PHD students Queens Management School Economics Lecture Theatre
14/12/2018 3.30pm Implementation by Codes of Rights: A Non-Equivalence Result Michele Lombardi University of Glasgow Economics Lecture Theatre

January 2019

10/01/2019   TBC     CHaRMS Lecture Theatre
11/01/2019 11am The Efficiency of Irish Charities -A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach   Queens Management School Accounting Boardroom
11/01/2019 3.30pm   Marvin Suesse Trinity College Dublin Economics Lecture Theatre
18/01/2019 11am The Logic of Tact: How Decisions happen in Situations of Crisis Dr Stephen Leixnering Vienna Univeristy Accounting Boardroom
18/01/2019 1.30pm - 5pm

Book Launch: An Economist's Guide to Economic History.  With Guest speakers.

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Chris Colvin & Matthias Blum

Guest Speakers - Nicholas Crafts, Paul Winfree and  Wendy Carlin

Warrick University QUCEH - workshop Lecture Theatre
23/01/2019 1pm TBC  Richard Harris University of Exeter Finance Syndicate Room 6
25/01/2019 11am Exploring the Role of Accounting in the Rationalisation and Operationalisation of the Uk's Private Finance Initiative Ciaran Connolly Queens Management School Accounting Boardroom
25/01/2019 3.30pm TBC  Stefan Nikolic   Economcs Lecture Theatre
30/01/2019 1pm TBC      Finance Syndicate Room 8

February 2019

01/02/2019 1.30pm Population and Poverty in Ireland on the Eve of the Great Famine Alan Fernihough Queens Management School QUCEH Lecture Theatre
08/02/2019 3.30pm Immigrant Voters, Taxation and the Size of the Welfare State Benjamin Elsner  University College Dublin  Economcs Lecture Theatre
13/02/2019 1pm Does Bank Deregulation Affect Stock Price Crash Risk Yangke Liu  Queens Management School  Finance Syndicate Room 6
13/02/2019 2pm Making Wishes Come True: Exploring the Impact of Line Manager HRM Implementation and the Why Dr Na Fu Trinity College Dublin Management Syndicate Room 8
15/02/2019 11am The Dangers of 'Junk' Metrics: A History of Robert McNamara's Management Career  Leo McCann University of York Accounting Boardroom
15/02/2019 1.30pm Borders of the past: Northern Ireland’s interwar trade performance and the Anglo-Irish Economic War David Jordan Queens Management School QUCEH Lecture Theatre
15/02/2019 3.30pm Female autonomy generates superstarts in long-term development: Evidence from 15th to 19th century Europe Alexandra de Pleijt Queens Management School Economics Lecture Theatre
20/02/2019 1pm The Relationship Between Regular Dividends & Flexible Pay outs: UK Evidence Ronan Gallagher University of Edinburgh Business School Finance Syndicate Room 6
22/02/2019 11am Perceptions of Research Amoung Academics Carolyn Cordery Aston University Accounting Boardroom
22/02/2019 3.30pm Who cares? Employment effects of paternity leave Daniel Kuehnle University of Erlangen-Nurnberg Economics Lecture Theatre
27/02/2019 3pm Trade Union Recognition in Ireland: State Policy, the Industrial Relations Act 2015 and Trade Union Response Niall Cullinane Queen's Management School Management Boardroom
28/02/2019 1.30pm The Digital Revolution and the State: The Great Reversal  William Janeway Cambridge University Finance Syndicate Room 8

March 2019

01/03/2019  1.30pm  Institutional change and property rights prior to the Industrial Revolution: the case of wardship in Britain, 1485-1660 (abstract)  Sean Bottomley  Max Planck Institute for European Legal History  QUCEH  Lecture Theatre 
01/03/2019   3.30pm  Zero Hours Contracts and Their Growth: Five Questions and Answers  Egidio Farina  Queen's Management School  Economics  Lecture Theatre 
06/03/2019   1pm  The Introduction of the Living Wage and the Unintended Consequences of the Re-Regulation of Pay in Scottish Social Care (Abstract)  Ian Cunningham  University of Strathclyde  Management  Boardroom 
06/03/2019   1pm  Conditional Yardstick Competition   Timo Kuosmanen  Aalto University, Finland  Finance Lecture Room 4 
07/03/2019   12 noon Everybody Wants to Change the World  Agnes Nairn  University of Bristol  CHaRMS  Newark Room/Lanyon Building 
08/03/2019   11am Accountability and Organisational Reputation: The Role of Blame Acceptance  Muiris MacCarthaigh  QUB  Accounting  Boardroom 
08/03/2019   1.30pm  More Power to the People: Electricity, Adoption, Technological Change and Social Conflict  Kerstin Enflo  Lund University  QUECH  Lecture Theatre 
08/03/2019   3.30pm  Commuting time and female labor force participation  Jordi Monseny  University of Barcelona  Economics  Lecture Theatre 
13/03/2019   1pm  An Early Warning System for Systemic Banking Crises: A Robust Model Approach  Michael Wosser  Central Bank of Ireland  Finance  Syndicate Room 6 
20/03/2019   1pm  Bubbles and Crashes: Perception vs. Reality William Goetzmann  Yale School of Management  Finance   Syndicate Room 6 
20/03/2019   1pm  Financial Literacy and Preparation for Retirement  Anne Nolan  Economic and Social Research Institute (ESRI), F, Ireland  CHaRMS  Lecture Room 4
20/03/2019   2pm  Entrepreneurial Innovation Processes: Adding a Spatial Dimension to Effectuation Theory Mokter Hussain  University of Manchester  Management  Boardroom 
22/03/2019   11am  Incentivising charity accountability: An examination of serious incident reporting (abstract)  Alasdair Rutherford  University of Stirling  Accounting  Boardroom 
22/03/2019   1.30pm  Asymmetric Information, Liquidity and Corporate Finance: Evidence from the Introduction of Credit Ratings in 1909  Eric Hilt  Wellesley College, USA  QUECH  Lecture Theatre 
22/03/2019   3.30pm  Reducing the Generosity and Increasing the Conditionality of Welfare Benefits for People with Disability: Turning the Supertanker or Squeezing the Balloon?  Duncan McVicar  Queen's Management School  Economics  Lecture Theatre 
27/03/2019   1pm  Eurozone Exit Risk  Stefan Eichler  Technische Universität,Dresden  Finance  Syndicate Room 6 
27/03/2019   2pm  Organizational Resilience - Theory Into Action.  David Denyer  Cranfield School of Management  Management  Clinton Leadership Institute Boardroom 
29/03/2019  11am  TBC  Geoff Moore  Durham University  Accounting  Boardroom 
29/03/2019  3.30pm  A Local Notion of Fairness  Marialaura Pesce  University of Naples Federico II  Economics  Lecture Theatre 

April 2019

03/04/2019  1pm    Arman Eshranghi    Finance  Syndicate Room 6 
03/04/2019  2pm    Dr  Xianwei Shi  Imperial College London  Management  Boardroom 
05/04/2019  3.30pm  Two-valued strategy-proof social choice functions with indifference  Achille Basile  University of Naples Federico II  Economics  Lecture Theatre 
09/04/2019  10am    Various TBC  The Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland ( QUCEH  Lecture Theatre 
17/04/2019  2pm  Do People empowered with material resources become less generous? The role of interdependence and individualism  Dr Silviu Tierean  Queen's Management School  Management  Boardroom 
30/04/2019  1.30pm  No Kin in the Game: Moral Hazard and War in the U.S. Congress   Dr Eoin McGuirk  Tufts University  CHaRMS  Lecture Theatre 

May 2019

01/05/2019  1pm  Pricing and Risk Analysis of Equity Release Mortgages: Examination of Regional Variations in the UK  Tripti Sharma  Queen's Management School   Finance  Lecture Theatre  
08/05/2019  2pm  Innovating Home Care Models and the Innovation-bias in Social Care  Dr Diane Burns  Sheffield University  Management  Boardroom 
10/05/2019  11am  TBC  Dr D.McConville  Queen's Management School   Accounting  Boardroom 
24/05/2019  11am  Managerial fanaticism and the use of metrics in universities. The case of the United Kingdom Prof N.Hyndman & Prof Mariann Liguori  Queen's Management School  Accounting  Boardroom 
29/05/2019  2:30pm  Is the UK skills crisis really a job quality problem?   Prof Ewart Keep  University of Oxford  Management  Lecture Theatre 
31/05/2019  11am  Democratic Accountability and Health and Wellbeing Boards  Dr Suzana Grubnic  Loughborough University  Accounting  Boardroom 

June 2019

6th & 7th June 2019  9am  BiNoMa Conference  Various   BiNoMa Conference  Lecture Theatre 
19/06/2019  9am  CNPR Doctoral Colloquium  Various   CNPR Doctoral Colloquium  Lecture Room 4 
21/06/2019  11am The Beneficence of Lonergan’s Dynamic Cognitive Structure of Human Knowing: a Foundation for an Ethics of Personal and Communal Authenticity  Dr Martin Kelly & Patricia McCourt Larres  QUB  Accounting  Boardroom 


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