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MS_WPS_ECO_16_06Work Ethic, Social Ethic, No Ethic: Measuring the Economic Values of Modern Christians. By Christopher L. Colvin and Matthew McCracken.

MS_WPS_ECO_16_05 – Progress and the Lack of Progress in Addressing Infant Health and Infant Health Inequalities in Ireland during the 20th Century. By Mark E. McGovern.

MS_WPS_ECO_16_04 – On Basu's Proposal: Fines Affect Bribes. By Sergey V. Popov.

MS_WPS_ECO_16_03 – Trends in Genetically Engineered Crops' Approval Times in the United States and the European Union (Final Version). By Richard Danvers Smart & Matthias Blum & Justus Wesseler.

MS_WPS_ECO_16_02 - A Simultaneous Equation Approach to Estimating HIV Prevalence with Non-Ignorable Missing Responses. By Giampiero Marra, Rosalba Radice, Till Bärnighausen, Simon N. Wood & Mark E. McGovern

MS_WPS_ECO_16_01 - Effects of China’s Rural Insurance Scheme on Objective Measures of Health. By Slawa Rokicki & Katherine Donato

MS_WPS_ECO_15_05 - Assessment of Residents’ Attitudes and Satisfaction Before and After Implementation of a Smoke-free Policy in Boston Multiunit Housing. By Slawa Rokicki, Gary Adamkiewicz, Shona Fang, Nancy Rigotti, Jonathan Winickoff and Douglas Levy

MS_WPS_ECO_15_04 - Max Weber and the First World War: Protestant and Catholic living standards in Germany, 1915-1919. By Matthias Blum and Matthias Strebel

MS_WPS_ECO_15_03 - Participation of smallholders in carbon-certified small-scale agroforestry: A lesson from the rural Mount Kenyan region. By Emmanuel Benjamin and Matthias Blum

MS_WPS_ECO_15_02 - Reducing the Generosity and Increasing the Conditionality of Disability Benefits: Turning the Supertanker or Squeezing the Balloon. By Duncan McVicar and Barbara Broadway

MS_WPS_ECO_15_01 - If You Get What You Want, Do You Get What You Need? Course Choice and Achievement Effects of a Vocational Education and Training Voucher Scheme.  By Duncan McVicar and Cain Polidano

MS_WPS_ECO_14_4 - On Publication, Refereeing, and Working Hard.  By Sergey Popov and Sascha Baghestanian.

MS_WPS_ECO_14_3 - Genetically Engineered Crops' Authorizations in the US and the EU: a Struggle Against the Clock. By Richard Danvers Smart, Matthias Blum and Justus Wesseler.

MS_WPS_ECO_14_2 - Novel Panel Cointegration Test Emending for Cross-Section Dependence with Fixed. By Kaddour Hadri, Eiji Kurozumi and Yao Rao.

MS_WPS_ECO_14_1 - Reducible Diffusions with Time-Varing Transformations with Application to Short-Term Interest Rates. By Ruijun Bu, Jie Cheng and Kaddour Hadri.


MS_WPS_FIN_15_7 - The Adaptiveness in Stock Markets: Testing the Stylized Facts in the DAX 30. By Xuezhong He and Youwei Li

MS_WPS_FIN_15_6 - Extracting Forward Rate Term Structure Information in Foreign Exchange. By Fearghal Kearney, Mark Cummins and Finbarr Murphy. 

MS_WPS_FIN_15_5 - Forecasting Implied Volatility in Foreign Exchange Markets: A Robust Functional Linear Model Approach. By Fearghal Kearney, Mark Cummins and Finbarr Murphy.

MS_WPS_FIN_15_4 - Short-Term Reversals: The Effects of Institutional Exits and Past Returns. By Si Cheng, Allaudeen Hameed, Avanidhar Subrahmanyam and Sheridan Titman.

MS_WPS_FIN_15_3 - Mispriced Stocks and Mutual Fund Performance. By Doron Avramov, Si Cheng and Allaudeen Hameed.

MS_WPS_FIN_15_2 - The Impact of Household Overindebtedness on Physical and Mental Health. By Declan French and Donal McKillop.

MS_WPS_FIN_15_1 - Testing of a Market Fraction Model and Power-Law Behaviour in the DAX 30. By Xuezhong He and Youwei Li.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_15 - The Valuation Implications of Enterprise Risk Management Maturity. By Mark Farrell and Ronan Gallagher.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_14 Forecasting Long Memory Series Subject to Structural Change: A Two-Stage Approach. By Fotis Papailias and Gustavo Fruet Dias.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_13 - Inference for Impulse Response Coefficients From Multivariate Fractionally Integrated Processes. By Richard T. Baillie, George Kapetanios and Fotis Papailias.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_12 - The Baltic Dry Index: Cyclicalities, Forecasting and Hedging Strategies. By Fotis Papailias and Dimitrios D. Thomakos.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_11 - Did the Millennium development goals change trends in child mortality? By Declan French.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_10 - Optimal Time Series Momentum. By Xue-Zhong He, Kai Li and Youwei Li.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_9 - The Direction of Media Influence: Real-Estate News and the Stock Market. By Clive Walker.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_8 - Media and Opinion Leaders in the Housing Market. By Clive Walker.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_7 - Time-Varying Liquidity and Momentum Profits. By Doron Avramov, Si Cheng and Allaudeen Hameed.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_6 - Short-Sale Constraints and the Pricing of Managerial Skills. By Si Cheng, Massimo Massa and Hong Zhang.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_5 - The Multiple Facets of ETF Investing: A World-Wide Analysis. By Si Cheng, Massimo Massa and Hong Zhang.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_4 - Financial Literacy and Over-Indebtedness in Low-Income Households. By Declan French and Donal McKillop.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_3 - Web Adoption by Irish Credit Unions: Performance Implications. By Donal McKillop and Barry Quinn.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_2 - Identifying the relative importance of stock characteristics in the UK market. By Declan French, Yuliang Wu and Youwei Li.

MS_WPS_FIN_14_1 - The Economics of Fertility Timing: An Euler Equation Approach. By David Canning, Declan French and Michael Moore.

Centre for Economic History

MS_WPS_QUCEH_18_10 - Patent Costs and the Value of Inventions: Explaining Patenting Behaviour between England, Ireland and Scotland, 1617-1852. By Stephen D. Billington.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_18_9 - Independant Women: Shareholders in the Age of the suffragettes. By Graeme G. Acheson, Gareth Campbell, Áine Gallagher and John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_18_8 - Representation of the People: Franchise Extension and the 'Sinn Féin Election' in Ireland, 1918.  By Alan de Bromhead, Alan Fernihough and Enda Hargaden.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_18_7 - Wildcat Bankers or Political Failure? The Irish Financial Pantomime, 1797-1826.  By Seán Kenny and John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_18_6 - That's Classified! Inventing a New Patent Taxonomy'.  By Stephen D. Billington and Alan J. Hanna.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_18_5 - Prices and Informed Trading: Evidence from an Early Stock Market.  By Graeme G. Acheson, Christopher Coyle and John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_18_4 - Share Trading Activity and the Rise of the Rentier in the UK before 1920. By Graeme G. Acheson, Christopher Coyle, David P. Jordan and John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_18_3 - The Origins of the (Cooperative) Species: Raiffeisen Banking in the Netherlands, 1898–1909. By Christopher L. Colvin, Stuart Henderson and John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_18_2 - The Anatomy of a Trade Collapse: The UK, 1929-33. By Alan de Bromhead, Alan Fernihough, Markus Lampe and Kevin O'Rourke.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_18_1 - Selection Bias in Historical Housing Data. By Rowena Gray.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_17_9 - The Macroeconomic Effects of Banking Crises: Evidence from the United Kingdom, 1750-1938. By Seán Kenny, Jason Lennard and John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_17_8 - Scarring and Selection in the Great Irish Famine. By Matthias Blum, Christopher L. Colvin and Eoin McLaughlin.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_17_7 - Less is More? The Child Quantity-Quality Trade-Off in Early 20th Century England and Wales. By Alan Fernihough.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_17_6 - News Media and Investor Sentiment over the Long Run. By Alan J. Hanna, John D. Turner and Clive B. Walker.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_17_5 - Age Heaping and Numeracy: Looking Behind the Curtain. By Matthias Blum and Karl-Peter Krauss.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_17_4 - Rise and Fall in the Third Reich: Social Mobility and Nazi Membership. By Matthias Blum and Alan de Bromhead.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_17_3 - Banking on a Religious Divide: Accounting for the Success of the Netherlands’ Raiffeisen Cooperatives in the Crisis of the 1920s. By Christopher L. Colvin.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_17_2 - When Britain Turned Inward: Protection and the Shift towards Empire in Interwar Britain. By Alan de Bromhead, Alan Fernihough, Markus Lampe and Kevin O'Rourke.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_17_1 - The Development of English Company Law Before 1900. By John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_16_6 - Technological Revolutions and Speculative Finance: Evidence from the British Bicycle Mania. By William Quinn.

- Squeezing the Bears: Cornering Risk and Limits on Arbitrage during the ‘British Bicycle Mania’, 1896-1898. By William Quinn.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_16_4 - Common Law and the Origin of Shareholder Protection. By Graeme G. Acheson, Gareth Campbell and John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_16_3 - The Rise and Decline of the UK’s Provincial Stock Markets, 1869-1929. By Gareth Campbell, Meeghan Rogers and John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_16_2 - Media Coverage and Stock Returns on the London Stock Exchange, 1825-70. By John D. Turner, Qing Ye and Clive B. Walker.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_16_1 - Religion and Development in Post-Famine Ireland. By Stuart Henderson.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_15_9 - Quantifying Human Capital Accumulation in rural Ireland in the nineteenth century. By Matthias Blum, Christopher L. Colvin, Laura McAtackney, Eoin McLaughlin.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_15_8 - Escaping the Holocaust: Human and health capital of refugees to the United States, 1940-42. By Matthias Blum and Claudia Rei.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_15_7 - Who Financed the Expansion of the Equity Market? Shareholder Clienteles in Victorian Britain. By Graeme G. Acheson, Gareth Campbell and John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_15_6 - What Moved Share Prices in the Nineteenth-Century London Stock Market? By Gareth Campbell, William Quinn, John D. Turner and Qing Ye.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_15_5 - The Past, Present and Future of Banking History. By Christopher Colvin.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_15_4 - The Long-Term Determinants of Female HIV Infection in Africa: The Slave Trade, Polygyny, and Sexual Behavior. By Graziella Bertocchi and Arcangelo Dimico.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_15_3 - Women Voters and Trade Protectionism in the Interwar Years. By Alan de Bromhead.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_15_2 - Nationalism and Unionism in Ireland: Economic Perspectives. By Liam Kennedy.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_15_1 - Happy Hour Followed by Hangover: Financing the UK Brewery Industry, 1880-1913. By Graeme G. Acheson, Christopher Coyle and John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_14_9 - Soft Budget Constraints and Regional Industrial Policy: Reinterpreting the Rise and Fall of De Lorean. By Graham Brownlow. 

MS_WPS_QUCEH_14_8 - Back to the Failure: An Analytic Narrative of the De Lorean Debacle. By Graham Brownlow.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_14_7 - Poverty Trap and Educational Shock: Evidence from Missionary Fields. By Arcangelo Dimico.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_14_6 - State Dissolution, Sovereign Debt and Default: Lessons from the UK and Ireland. By Nathan Foley-Fisher and Eoin McLaughlin.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_14_5 - The Cross-Section of Stock Returns in an Early Stock Market. By Qing Ye and John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_14_4 - Predicting the Past: Understanding the Causes of Bank Distress in the Netherlands in the 1920s. By Christopher L. Colvin, Abe de Jong and Philip T. Fliers.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_14_3 - Financial History and Financial Economics. By John D. Turner.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_14_2 - Size Matters: The Effect of the Scamble for Africa on Informal Institutions and Development. By Arcangelo Dimico.

MS_WPS_QUCEH_14_1 - Corporate Ownership and Control in Victorian Britain. By Graeme G. Acheson, Gareth Campbell, John D. Turner and Nadia Vanteeva.

Centre for Irish Business and Economic Performance

MS_WPS_CIBEP_14_4 - Financial Literacy and Over-Indebtedness in Low-Income Households. By Declan French and Donal McKillop.

MS_WPS_CIBEP_14_3 - Do Recessions Transform Work and Employment? Evidence from Ireland. By Bill Roche and Paul Teague.

MS_WPS_CIBEP_14_2 - Successful but Unappealing: Fifteen Years of Workplace Partnership in Ireland. By Bill Roche and Paul Teague.

MS_WPS_CIBEP_14_1 - Human Resource Management in Multinational Enterprises: Understanding How Irish and Foreign Firms Behave. By Anthony McDonnell, Jonathan Lavelle and Patrick Gunnigle.

Centre for not for profit and public sector research

CNPR-A-161 Transparency in Reporting on Charities’ Efficiency: A Framework for Analysis. By Noel Hyndman and Danielle McConville

CNPR-A-162 Justifying Accounting Change Through Global Discourses and Legitimation Strategies. The Case Of The UK Central Government. By Noel Hyndman and Mariannunziata Liguori

CNPR-FI-141 Financial Literacy and Over-Indebtedness in Low-Income Households. By Declan French and Donal McKillop

CNPR-FI-142 Modelling the Performance of Irish Credit Unions, 2002 to 2010. By Colin Glass, Donal McKillop and Barry Quinn

CNPR-FI-143 U.S. Credit Unions: Survival, Consolidation, and Growth. By John Goddard, Donal McKillop and John Wilson

CNPR-FI-144 A Sustainable Business Model Strategy for Irish Credit Unions: Does one size fit all? By Donal McKillop and Barry Quinn

CNPR-M-141 Value Capture: A valid means of funding PPPs? By Ciaran Connolly (QUB) and Anthony Wall (Ulster)

CNPR-M-151 Social Risk of Public Spending Cuts in Scotland: Local Authority Experiences. By Darinka Asenova (Glasgow Caledonian University), and Matthias Beck (QUB)

CNPR-M-161 Public Sector Reforms: Changing Contours on an NPM Landscape. By Noel Hyndman and Mariannunziata Liguori


Centre for Health Research at the Management School (CHaRMS)

MS_WPS_CHARMS_18_3Trends in Inequalities in Child Stunting in South Asia.  By Aditi Krishna, Ivan Mejia-Guevara, Mark McGovern, Victor M. Aguayo and S.V. Subramanian.

MS_WPS_CHARMS_18_2Accounting for Non-Response Bias using Participation Incentives and Survey Design.  By Mark McGovern, David Canning and Till Bärnighausen.

MS_WPS_CHARMS_18_1: Inference with difference-in-differences with a small number of groups.  By Slawa Rokicki, Jessica Cohen, Gunther Fink, Joshua Salomon and Mary Beth Landrum.

MS_WPS_CHARMS_17_5Understanding the association between stunting and child development in low- and middle-income countries: Next steps for research and intervention.  By Jessica Perkins, Rockli Kim, Aditi Krishna, Mark McGovern, Victor Aguayo and S.V. Subramanian.

MS_WPS_CHARMS_17_4: Analysis of Housing Equity Withdrawal by its Forms.  By Declan French, Donal McKillop and Tripti Sharma. 

MS_WPS_CHARMS_17_3: A Review of the Evidence Linking Child Stunting to Economic Outcomes.  By Mark McGovern, Aditi Krishna, Victor Aguayo and S.V. Subramanian.

MS_WPS_CHARMS_17_2: Heterogeneity in Early Life Investments: A Longitudinal Analysis of Children’s Time Use.  By Mark McGovern and Slawa Rokicki.

MS_WPS_CHARMS_17_1: Impact of a Text Messaging Program on Adolescent Reproductive Health: A Cluster–Randomized Trial in Ghana. By Slawa Rokicki, Jessica Cohen, Joshua A. Salomon and Günther Fink. 

MS_WPS_CHARMS_16_5Do Gifts Increase Consent to Home-based HIV Testing? A Difference-in-Differences Study in Rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  By Mark E. McGovern, Kobus Herbst, Frank Tanser, Tinofa Mutevedzi, David Canning, Dickman Gareta, Deenan Pillay and Till Bärnighausen.  

MS_WPS_CHARMS_16_4: Inequality and Regional Variations in Perceptions of Work Disability: Results from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. By Declan French & Frank Kee & Mark O'Doherty.

MS_WPS_CHARMS_16_3: The Economics of Fertility Timing: An Euler Equation Approach. By David Canning & Declan French & Michael Moore.

MS_WPS_CHARMS_16_2: Financial Strain in the United Kingdom. By Declan French.

MS_WPS_CHARMS_16_1: Increasing Ambient Temperature Reduces Emotional Well-Being. By Clemens Noelke & Mark E. McGovern & Daniel J. Corsi & Marcia Pescador-Jimenez & Ari Stern & Ian Sue Wing & Lisa Berkman.