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Dr Chris Colvin is an economic historian with research interests in banking crises, corporate governance, cultural economics, and demographic change.

His own published research addresses issues in the business and financial history of the Netherlands, and the economic and social history of Ireland.

His goal as a PhD supervisor is to help his students graduate with a collection of interesting and saleable papers that have the potential to be published in top economic history journals.

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Dr Chris Colvin is of the view that economic history needs to be re-inserted into the teaching and research agendas of economics departments and business schools. Consequently, his PhD students

  • Should always relate their economic history research to bigger economic questions.
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Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Science

Queen's Management School


Research students

PhD title: The Law and Economics of the Dutch Patentless Period

Name: Mr Homer Wagenaar
Years of Study: 2018 - present
Country: The Netherlands

PhD title: Innovation and Incentives in British Economic History

Name: Mr Stephen Billington
Years of Study: 2016 - present
Country: United Kingdom


Alumni: where are they now?

Dr Stuart Henderson

PhD title: Historical Reflections on Religion, Finance and Economic Development

Years of Study: 2013 - 2017
Country: Republic of Ireland
Current position: Lecturer in Financial Services at Ulster University

Dr Nikita Lychakov

PhD title: Industrialisation, Politics and Banking Instability in Late Imperial Russia

Years of Study: 2014 - 2018
Country: Russia
Current position: Postdoc at the Higher School of Economics, Moscow

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